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the requiement of process and heat treatment for press brake tools

August 14, 2012

press brake dies material selection: generally T8 or T10, and better 42CrMo material, it requires high strength,

high toughness and good wear resistance, choose cold work die steel. Cr12MoV is very Good material. The

performance can be satisfied, the process performance is good, the price will be high. 42CrMo is a high

strength alloy quenched and tempered steel, high strength, good toughness. Can work below 500 degrees.

High quality alloy tool steel Manufacture, sharp edge, wear resistance, bending mold hardness up to

HRC 45 degrees -49 degrees, materials forging, machining, surface hardening (high frequency processing)

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The work processing of the press brake tools before starting
Before turning on the power, first plug in the power supply. Because the power of the bending machine is very

large, the power supply must meet the requirements to avoid an abnormality. The next step is to open the

switch. Under this premise, the oil pump starts to operate, but the machine It has not yet entered normal

working conditions.Second, debugging
Modulation is an indispensable part of mechanical operation, because the mold has high requirements on

size and shape. This is the standard that the mold must meet. According to different materials, different

gaps are designed. If the gap is not designed during commissioning, The probability of machine damage

will increase dramatically.
Third, the slot selection
When the bending machine mold is put into use, the selection of the notch must be paid attention to.

The specific method can be carried out according to the different thickness of the plate, usually eight times

the width. Therefore, before the selection, try to make accurate calculations to avoid the error too much. Big.
The standard operation must be a high-precision product. Therefore, some preparations before the

bending machine mold is turned on are necessary.

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Common materials for press brake machinemolds are T8, T8A, T10, T10A, 42CrMo, Cr12MoV. 42CrMo,

Cr12MoV is often used as a mold for CNC bending machines. The material of the bending machine mold

is one of the most important factors affecting the service life. The material selection is good, and the service

life will be relatively extended without other variables.
Another important factor affecting the service life is the heat treatment process during processing.
First, whole body heat treatment and knife edge oxidation are two concepts. In order to save processing

costs, some bending machine mold manufacturers do not undergo whole-body heat treatment after molding,

but oxidize the knife edge at the most important part of the bending machine. The hardness after oxidation

is lower than the surface hardness after whole body heat treatment. In this way, compared with the whole

body heat treatment, the life of the mold which is simply oxidized by the blade is much less than the life of

the mold of the whole body heat treatment, which is one of them.
Second, the choice of heat treatment process is also a key reason. Generally, the heat treatment process

commonly used by manufacturers of molds is heat treatment of high temperature furnaces. Although the

surface of the mold can reach a certain hardness, the high temperature heat treatment process has drawbacks.

The molds of high temperature heat treatment may have more or less hardness in various parts.

The difference, and, high-temperature heat treatment can only achieve the surface hardness to the

corresponding hardness, the lower the hardness, the lower the hardness. Therefore, the above two points will

have an impact on the life of the mold. So what kind of process is a better heat treatment process? At present,

the most suitable for the knife and mold category is the salt bath furnace heat treatment process.

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