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the skill of process press brake tools

October 12, 2011

1. If you want to choose the appropriate bending machine mold for the bending machine, first of all,

you must have a global grasp of the type of bending machine. The specific factors that need to be

understood are the brand number, size and even the actual tonnage of the bending machine. Once

you are familiar with these factors, you can use these materials as a basis for the selection of the mold.
2. If you encounter a bending machine because the service life is too long, the grade is too vague to

be seen clearly. It is recommended to send the sample of the bending machine mold to the manufacturer

to customize this specification.
3. If the use of the bending machine combination mold is involved in the production, the degree of matching

between the upper and lower molds is usually high. If the match is not in place, the result of the workpiece

subjected to the bending procedure may not meet the quality specifications and requirements of the production.latest company news about the skill of process press brake tools  0

press brake tools material requirements - toughness, life and wear resistance
Resilience: Process stamping is one of the most concerned factors. It is precisely because of this

processability that the material requirements of the mold are correspondingly improved. Spots or

other defects should be responded to. It is unfavorable for the production of the entire bending machine mold.
Lifetime: Service life is one of the most important criteria for weighing the quality of a bending machine.

Obviously, its life is inseparable from the material being produced. A good material will inevitably

bring a very long service life.
Wear resistance: A bending machine mold can produce a lot of workpieces, but the friction caused by

the friction is also inevitable. At this time, the wear resistance of the bending machine mold is particularly

important, and the selection must be cautious.
The bending machine mold material is the guarantee for more workpiece production. If the material is

not closed, it will not only affect the actual process of the entire workpiece processing, but also directly

cause huge waste of capital investment.

latest company news about the skill of process press brake tools  1

latest company news about the skill of process press brake tools  2