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6M Long MS Plate Guiiotine Shear Machine With Cr12mvo Shear Blades cutting 12mm

6M Long MS Plate Guiiotine Shear Machine With Cr12mvo Shear Blades cutting 12mm

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    sheet metal guillotine shear


    guillotine metal cutter

  • Name
    Mechnical Cutting Machine/hydraulic Guillotine Shear
  • Cutting Length
  • Cutting Thickness
    0.3-8mm Plate Steel
  • Keyword
    High Quality Metal Shearing Machine
  • Cutting Material
    Metal Stainless Steel Carbon Steel
  • Application
    Metal Plate Cutting Machine
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: ,40'OTx1,40'HQx2
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

6M Long MS Plate Guiiotine Shear Machine With Cr12mvo Shear Blades cutting 12mm

6M Long MS Plate Guiiotine Shear Machine With Cr12mvo Shear Blades cutting 12mm


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Main Features of 6mm stianless steel cutting machine:
1, the second generation of hydraulic shears.
2, the frame is welded structure, and by eliminating stress treatment, good rigidity to maintain

the accuracy for long.
3, the use of advanced integrated hydraulic systems, machine work stable and reliable.
4, using the three-point support rolling guide to eliminate the gap bearing surface, the shear

quality assurance.
5, the blade clearance with manual, electric adjustment, calibration, digital display rapid,

accurate and convenient.
6, rectangular blades with four cutting edges are used interchangeably, long service life.
7, adjustable shearing angle to reduce deformation of the sheet, improve part quality.
8, the upper turret with introversion design, easy blanking, improves the precision parts.
9, with a length of cut length and segmentation capabilities, enabling jog.
10, motorized backgauge with digital display.
11, backgauge, buffering concessions.
Main configuration of QC11K series shear machine:
1,Hydraulic parts: hydraulic system with well-known manufacturers, the main valves with

Beijing Howard
2,With domestic brand within the rodent wheel pump (Shanghai Aviation Development)
3,With Jiangsu Jianhu Huaxing cylinders, mainly seals or tripod base is valqua
4,Electrical parts: with Korean-owned Alto Knicks digital display, with Tony winner Siemens

5,With Siemens electrical components
6,Other major parts: with Shanghai blade, with front bracket

Steel Plate Cutting machine featurs:
1. Sheet plate welded structure
2. Hydraulic transmission and accumulator return
3. Reliable performance and nice appearance
4. With numeric-control system special for shearing machine
5. Counting function
6. Digital display device is available
7. Frequency conversion control technology

Hydraulic guillotine shear 16x6000mm (shearing machine)
1. The design style is as per Germany Standard DIN55222T2-80
2. The frame is steel welded construction, vibration to eliminate stress, with high strength

and good rigidity
3. Adopting rolling guiding way with three point support to make sure good cutting quality

and accuracy
4. The back gauge is adjusted by motor and fine adjusted by hand wheel. The strokes is

shown by autonics digital displayer and can be adjusted stepless.
5. The gap between upper and bottom blades can be adjusted by hand wheel.
6. Rectangular blades have four cutting edges and have long service life.

Own advantage on CNC front feeding hydraulic shearing machine:
Hydraulic system:
1. First valve (from U. S. A) make sure good working, long service life and low noise.
2. NOK oil seal (from Japan) prevents oil leaking with long service life
3. Sleeve type pipe joint to make sure there is no oil leaking
4. Best quality pump provide long service life and low noise
Electric system:
1. Schneider or simense electric parts with good quality and easy to replace around

the world
2. Autonics digital displayer (from Korea) has good accuracy and long life
3. Autonics encoder (from Korea) has good accuracy and long life
4. Best quality motor provide enough power and low noise.

6M Long MS Plate Guiiotine Shear Machine With Cr12mvo Shear Blades cutting 12mm 0























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Machine Introduction:
1. Rack part
By the frame structure of steel plate welding, with good rigidity,
two oil cylinder fixed on the top two columns, the workbench to
stud welding connection.Under the blade mounted
on the workbench, and can make minor adjustments, make blade gap even.
2. Upper slide rest
For steel plate welded structure, with good rigidity, after its former roller
for the fulcrum,in the driving of the oil cylinder reciprocating movement
up and down around the complete shear.Adopts three point rolling guide rail,
eliminate the guide clearance, improve the quality of shear.Rectangular blade,
four parts all can use, long service life.Rest on the structure of
introversion, facilitate blanking, and can improve the precision of the work.
Rest on the shearing Angle is adjustable, reduce the deformation of
sheet metal distortion,
the handwheel adjustment on the front panel, the left side of the blade
gap instructions;Front and rear guide rail and the roller adopt alloy steel forging.
3. Press device
By installing more pressure on the supporting plate in front of the frame material
of oil cylinder,
material cylinder inlet pressure, pressure is expected to head down after
overcome the spring tension,pressure plate, after completion of the shear,
by means of the torsion spring
tension and reset.
The size of the force that press a material increases with increasing by shear
of the thickness of the sheet metal.
4. Keep-off institutions
Before keep-off:By the before keep-off rack and Scale and left limit baffle,
etc composition.
After keep-off(back gauge):In the upper slide rest under the rung, Along
with the rest on the upand down, back gauge regulation by screw driven
by a motor drive. Control the movement distance,
and has a soft limit loading system.. The motor can not meet the need to
size, manual and fine-tuning to ensure that the required values to adjust.
So the back gauge adjustment
is convenient and reliable.
5. Machine hydraulic system from the QC11K-12X6100 plate shearing machine
This machine adopts hydraulic transmission, the main gear pump, hydraulic
system through one-way valve,relief valve system, electromagnetic directional
valve and livestock can opener, etc.
The system is reasonable,
the movement is stable and reliable.
According to mark the direction of arrow rotation after motor startup,
( When the electromagnetic valve does not work) Drive gear pump will be filtered
oil through oil suction pipe into the valve plate and the electromagnetic valve
after back to the tank.
Supply pressure by the gear pump used in the system,
the system maximum working pressure for 20 Mpa, set by the overflow valve,
the hydraulic valve have been setting before they go out, normally the user d
oes not need any adjustment, Shanghai hydraulic
valve is used in the hydraulic valve, all seal wall card, choose Japan line
decorate concise, less leakage,easy maintenance and debugging.
6. The machine electrical system
This machine adopts the 50 hz, 380 v ac power supply, by the main loop of
the transformer output 220 voltage control, electromagnetic relief valve,
indicator light and button.. Machine electrical box located on the left side
of the machine tool, control button in front of the machine installation,
easy operation,which leads to the pedal switch SA3 lead by the electric box.
The machine through the knob switch can be a single, continuous and
dynamic capabilities. Machine also has the shear length adjustment,
turn knob, time relay external knob, can adjust length of shear, rotate the rotary
switch SA2, rev. Bright lights to the line, mobile cut sheet metal, make the row
in the sheet metal processing line and machine blade projection overlap,
can shear required results. Electrical components by Siemens.
Main circuit has corresponding overload and short circuit protection function,
safe and reliable, easy to maintain.
Feature of new brand 16mm shearing machine
1. The second generation of Hydraulic swing beam shearing machine.
2. Rack, blade frame is entire welded,vibration to eliminate inner stress,to maintain

good accuracy.
3. Use advanced integrate hydraulic system and good reliability.
4. Use three-point support rolling guide to eliminate the support gap,improve cut quality.
5. The clearance between the blades adjusted by hand wheel rapidly,accurancy and

6. Rectangular blade.four cutting edges, and loong service life.
7. Adjustable shearing angle to reduce deformation of the sheet.
8. The upper blade frame use introversion structure,easy for blanking to improve the

accuracy of production.
9. With the sub-shear function, motorized backgauge,digital display.
Technical  Data of  NC hydraulic shear machine:

Model QC11K-12x6300
Maximum shear plate thickness mm 12
Maximum cutting width mm 6300
Shear plate strength N/m² 450
shear angle deg 0.5-2.5
Cutting times Times/Min 4
Maximum rear stop stroke mm 20-1000
Fuel tank volume L 1550
Main motor power K w 37
machine length mm 7450
Machine width mm 2550
Machine height mm 3170
machine weight Kg 38000

Shipping Documents:
Operation Manual(hydraulic diagram,electro diagram)
Foundation plans
foundation bolts
Oring parts
Quality Certification
Packing list
Colors: According to Customer's requirements
download brochure here
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CNC front feeding hydraulic guillotine shear machine QC11K-16X6300 with rear out put system
 6M Long MS Plate Guiiotine Shear Machine With Cr12mvo Shear Blades cutting 12mm 1