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Sheet Stretching Hydraulic Press 160T Kitchenware Punching Press 11KW Power

Sheet Stretching Hydraulic Press 160T Kitchenware Punching Press 11KW Power

  • High Light

    Power Press equipment


    mechanical power presses

  • Name
    Punching Press
  • Power Source
    Hydraulic Type
  • Table Size
    2000x800mm Or Special Order
  • Fuction
    Stretching Kitchenware A
  • Structure
    H Type Steel Welded Structure
  • Moudle
    Forming Moudle
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 20'GPx1
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

Sheet Stretching Hydraulic Press 160T Kitchenware Punching Press 11KW Power

Sheet Stretching Hydraulic Press 160T Kitchenware Punching Press 11KW Power


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The main structural features:

1. The fuselage adopts Q235B, adopts submerged arc welding, and is processed by vibration

after welding to ensure that the body is not deformed.

2. The machine is equipped with an independent hydraulic and electrical control system.

It adopts button centralized control and can realize both fixed and constant pressure forming processes.

It has functions such as pressure display, stroke, and pressure adjustment.

3.200 tons single column hydraulic press, pressure system is located in the fuselage,

beautiful appearance, easy to operate.

4. Can be designed for head type correction, with four-column guide column guide to improve

product accuracy, and the column, piston rod after quenching copper and hard chromium, to ensure

the surface of the wear resistance and high roughness, oil pumping The oil port is equipped

with a unique filter device to ensure the service life of the oil pump and valve. The connection

of the oil circuit adopts imported high pressure hose, which greatly reduces machine noise.

In addition, advanced components such as imported PLC, grating protection, and man-machine

interface (touch screen) can be configured according to user requirements. For the special requirements

of customers, we can design and manufacture specifically to meet the customers' production process requirements to the maximum extent possible.


Special order:

The single-column hydraulic press can be customized according to customer requirements,

such as the size of the table of the hydraulic press, the length of the stroke, the height of the opening,

the working pressure, the running speed, the automatic loading and unloading, and the automatic/semi-automatic. Tailor-made high-quality hydraulic press equipment to meet customer's production process requirements


Requirement of the operation:

The hydraulic machine of production and processing has the characteristics of rigid structure,

good guide performance and fast speed. Convenient adjusting mechanism can be adjusted

manually on the head or the workbench in the suppression of any position, also can be adjusted

within the design schedule any fast forward and on the length of the process, the hydraulic press

is a simple easy to operate but also should be in accordance with the requirements for the following operations:

1. The operator of the 200-ton single column hydraulic press must be trained to master the

equipment performance and operation technology before it can operate independently.

2. Before the operation, clean all kinds of debris on the mold and clean any dirt on the hydraulic


3. The hydraulic press installation mould must be carried out in the case of power failure.

The collision start button, handle and pedal on the foot switch are prohibited.

4. Install the upper and lower mould pairs, adjust the gap between the dies, and do not allow

the unilateral deviation from the center, confirm that the mold can be retested after fixed.

5, hydraulic press work before the first boot device idle for 5 minutes, at the same time check

the tank oil level, oil pump enough sound is normal, hydraulic unit and the pipes, fittings, if there

is a leak phenomenon piston.

6. Start the equipment test, check whether the pressure is up to the working pressure, whether

the equipment operation is normal and reliable, and whether there is leakage.

7. Adjust the working pressure, but should not exceed 90% of the rated pressure of the equipment,

test one piece of workpiece, and re-produce after inspection.

8. For different hydraulic press profiles and workpieces, the pressure and pressure of the press

should be adjusted at any time, and the number and time of pressure and pressure should

be adjusted, and the mould and workpiece shall not be damaged.

9. When the body press is sliding up and down, it is strictly forbidden to insert the hand and

head into the pressing plate and the working part of the mold.

10. It is strictly forbidden to knock, stretch, weld, bend and twist the work in the same time.

11. No smoking, welding, welding or fire shall be allowed in the vicinity of hydraulic press, and no inflammable or explosive materials shall be stored. Fire prevention measures.

12. When the hydraulic press is finished, the power should be cut off, the hydraulic rod of the

press should be cleaned, the lubricating oil should be added, and the mould and workpiece

should be cleaned and put in order.




mode unit YL41-10 YL41-16 YL41-25 YL41-40 YL41-63 YL41-100 YL41-160 YL41-400
Nominal pressure KN 100 160 250 400 630 1000 1600 4000
Max. pressure of liquid MPa 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25
Open height mm 500 500 500 700 800 900 1000 1250
Stroke of slide mm 300 350 350 400 400 500 500 800
throat mm 250 300 300 320 320 350 350 1300
Bend opening mm 80 100 100 100 150 150 220 220
speed down mm∕s 50 50 50 50 50 40 25 100
return mm∕s 100 120 120 120 110 100 65 70
worktable L&R mm 55 600 600 700 800 800 800 2000
F&B mm 430 500 500 550 650 650 700 1800
The height from the worktable to the floor mm 710 710 710 600 600 650 650 1400
Overall size L&R mm 500 650 680 1500∕
F&B mm 950 1100 1100 1200 1300 1600 1750 4500
height mm 1800 1900 2200 2500 2500 2800 2850 5300
Motor power KW 4 4 4 5.5 7.5 7.5 11 22


Packing & shipping:


PVC film covered hydraulic press

Whole machine fixed in the container with steel rope,very safe

Wooden case or pallet or iron box

If have stock,can provide right now

If no stock,small machine delivery time 7-15days.Big machine delivery time 25-40days.

Can give destination port best price or cost to the customer factory


Our Service:


All machines have been tested by 48 hours before ship out.

All products have 2 year warranty.

Supported 24 hours online service. If any problems happen, our team will do our

best to solve the problems.

If any component is damaged during guarantee time. we can send the component to

the customer by DHL freely



Our Advantage:


MOQ: We can supply you the quantity you want.

OEM: We can produce the goods as per the customer requirement.

Service: We are much more concern for the on time delviery & quality


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Sheet Stretching Hydraulic Press 160T Kitchenware Punching Press 11KW Power 0