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V Shape Groove Making Machine 4mm Sheet metal V groover Alloy Blade Cut Stainless

V Shape Groove Making Machine 4mm Sheet metal V groover Alloy Blade Cut Stainless

  • High Light

    sheet metal grooving machine


    v groove cutting machine

  • Name
    CNC V Type Cuting Machine
  • Producing Time
  • Material
    Pprocess 304 Stainless Steel, Copper Sheet
  • Speed
  • Control Axis
    X, Y, Z,Z1
  • Worktable Size
  • Cutting Driven
    Servo Motor Cutting Groover
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    Min. 1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 20'GPx1
  • Delivery Time
    30 days
  • Supply Ability
    5 set every month

V Shape Groove Making Machine 4mm Sheet metal V groover Alloy Blade Cut Stainless

V Shape Groove Making Machine 4mm Sheet metal V groover Alloy Blade Cut Stainless
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CNC notching machine
CNC V grooving Machine tool performance:

1. V groover makes the grooves on the stainless steel,The arc radius of the workpiece after

bending is small and without refraction.

By bending process, the edge of the workpiece after bending arc radius and was bending

workpiece, the thickness of the proportional relationship because after a v-shaped slot on

sheet metal, the thickness of the remaining sheet is only half of the original sheet thickness,

even smaller, so that when the bending edge arc radius of workpiece is exponentially decreasing

in proportion. And because the thickness of the remaining sheet after a v-shaped slot is small,

bending deformation force is small, do not spread influence not to bend area, so after bending of

metal plate surface without refraction, ensures the flatness of the plate and water chestnut position

of straightness. This satisfies the special requirements of high-end decoration in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, shopping malls, Banks and airports.

2. Reduce the pressure required for bending of the plate.

According to bending process, the sheet metal bending force and the bending of sheet metal

work piece thickness is directly proportional relationship, before bending after a v-shaped slot on

sheet metal, make the rest of the sheet thickness is about half of the original sheet thickness, or

less, so that the bending force of sheet metal bending need also decreases, and accordingly makes

long sheet metal bending machine in small tonnage also be able to bend. It can reduce equipment investment and save energy.

3. The workpiece with special shape can be bent into shape with universal mold.

High-end store shelves, such as stainless steel decorative profiles are not able to meet the

requirements of design staff, such as rectangular tube, the material form in ordinary bending machine cannot be bent into shape, or the special design of complex mold to do the work. However, by

controlling the depth of the metal plate V groove, this special bending material can be bent into

the normal bending machine. Particular way is: the last line of the bending process of V groove

residual sheet thickness control in 0.3 mm or so, so that the bending process of springback Angle is

very small, will no longer will rebound variant type torque tube forming.

4. Position the bending edge length before bending.

Through simple v-shaped slot on sheet metal, can be used in the folded bend bend before the predetermined bit length size, and then in the bending machine according to the bending score

good v-groove line in advance, so that we can ensure the bending length size accurate, can use

ordinary bending machine instead of CNC bending machine, reduce the cost of bending equipment investment. The positioning accuracy of our v-type slotting machine can reach 0.1 mm.

5. Sheet metal CNC V groove planer is a new product with high efficiency and low energy

consumption.Without special equipment before a v-shaped slot, usually used double housing

planer to V slot of sheet metal because of double housing planer is on effective metal plate pressure loading device, the depth

of the v-shaped slot degree of metal plate and V groove distance cannot be accurately positioning

control, and to start the double housing planer energy consumption is large, low efficiency and

various factors,the v-shaped slot of the metal plate work has been replaced by numerical control

planer V groove.

The new type of sheet metal CNC V groove planer gives full play to the advantage of numerical

control hydraulic, which reduces the average power loss to 2 kilowatts, which is 1/20 of the traditional


I plant production of CNC sheet metal V groove planer is an ideal environmental protection and

energy saving products, its superior performance has been completely replace the imported

equipment, and vigorously promoted in domestic and international scope, get the customer the

consistent high praise.

V Shape Groove Making Machine 4mm Sheet metal V groover Alloy Blade Cut Stainless 0

CNC sheet V groover Warranty:
1. Our guarantee time is 13 months from shipment date. If any component is damaged during
guarantee time, we can send the component to the customer by DHL, TNT freely.
2. Our factory can send our engineer to the customer’s factory install, commission and training
freely. The customer provide the double trip tickets, food and accommodation for our engineer.
The customer can send the engineer to our factory to learn the operation and maintains freely.
3. Our factory provide the service for the customer forever, if the customer need operation help,
can contact us by MSN, Skype, Email and Telephone at any time, we provide 24 hours on-line
3mm stianless steel groover cutting machine Parameter:

Item 5000
Cutting length 5000mm
Cutting width 1500mm
Sheet thickness 0.6-4mm
Max. Cutting speed 0-1000mm/sec
Max. X Dolly return speed 0-1000mm/sec
Y axis moving speed 20 m/min
Z axis moving speed 20 m/min
X axis control

AC frequency driver

control, Brand Delta

Y,Z axis control

Servo driver control,

Brand Delta

Linear guide & ball screw Taiwan HIWIN
Bearing SKF
X axis motor power 3.7KW
Y/Y1/Z axis motor power 1.0/ 1.0 /1.0 KW
Oil pump 4KW
Control system Siemens PLC

Main Cable :

Germany IGUS

Max cutting step 15 cycle
Machine dimension 7200x2350x1550(mm)
Machine weight 9300k

CNC sheet V groove cutting Machine Photo:
 V Shape Groove Making Machine 4mm Sheet metal V groover Alloy Blade Cut Stainless 1