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6M Long Groove Steel Panel CNC Groover Machine Hydraulic Clamping Shuttle Slotting

6M Long Groove Steel Panel CNC Groover Machine Hydraulic Clamping Shuttle Slotting

  • High Light

    sheet metal grooving machine


    v groove cutting machine

  • Name
    Sheet Notching Machine/CNC V Cutting Machine
  • Cutting Capacity
    0.6-4 Mm Mild Steel And Aluminum
  • Cutting Depth
    4mm Depth
  • Cutting Width
    1250mm Width
  • Groove Type
    U Type And V Type
  • Cutting Quality
    Smooth Cutting Face
  • Groove Depth
    Cutting Away 2/3 Thickness Of Sheet
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    Min. 1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and nude packing
  • Delivery Time
    35 days
  • Supply Ability
    5 set every month

6M Long Groove Steel Panel CNC Groover Machine Hydraulic Clamping Shuttle Slotting

6M Long Groove Steel Panel CNC Groover Machine Hydraulic Clamping Shuttle Slotting


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V groove Machine Tool Character:

1.The V planer machine is welded with high strength steel plate, and the internal stress of welding

is eliminated by heat treatment and heat preservation, and the strength is high and the stability is good.

2: the processing workpiece on the V grooving machine is sent by the front end, hydraulic clamping, hydraulic pressure plate, high degree of automation, convenient and quick operation.

3. The working face can be adjusted independently, and its cutting precision can be controlled at 0.02mm.

4. The tool holder adopts servo drive, large moving torque, fast acceleration, accurate positioning and high efficiency.

5. The main shaft is driven by gear and rack, with strong rigidity and small resistance, greatly improving energy efficiency and saving energy.

6. The position of the planer is servo numerical control positioning, double screw synchronous transmission, accurate positioning and good parallelism.

7. The positioning platform after the machine tool is connected by steel pipe to ensure the flat surface and reduce

sheet V cutting mchine Technical Parameter

Max. width of steel sheet 1500mm
Max. length of steel sheet 6000mm
Maximum thickness of steel sheet 4.0mm
Min. thickness of steel sheet 0.6mm
Max. distance of the rear fedding 1250mm
Resolution of blade beam movement 0.001mm
Max. speed of cutting 15-400m/min
Max. distance of tool carrier movement (up & down) 100mm
Resolution of distance tool carrier movement 0.001mm
Max. distance of sliding frame movement 3200mm
Work-piece error within 3200mm ±0.05mm
Min. distance of V-trough edge 15mm
Positioning precision: ±0.05mm
The motor of blade bean( left & right moveing) 4.4Kw
The gas path pressure range 0.6Mpa
Dimension: 7600*2200*2100(mm)
Gross weight 9100kg























After Sale Service from sheet V grooving machine manufacturer

Quality Guarantee:1 year

We could provide video instruction and engineers oversea service.

And if there is anything wrong with the machine after the warranty, we could offer you the fittings of the machine with cost price

the equipment of v-shaped planer for metal sheet material
Before without special V planed pit equipment, usually used double housing planer to V planed

pit sheet metal material, due to the double housing planer is sheet metal by the effective pressure

loading device,
the sheet metal plane v-shaped groove depth and degree of V groove distance cannot be accurately positioning control, and to start the double housing planer large energy consumption, low effectiveness

and various factors,
the current V planed pit was carried out on the sheet metal work has been replaced by sheet metal

gear slotting machine. New sheet metal digging pit machine is according to the high-grade decoration industry,

elevatormanufacturing industries such as design and manufacture of special requirements, can be of stainless steel plate,iron plate, copper plate, and other material sheet for plane v-shaped slot.

The new type of metal sheet grooving machine is equipped with some special special accessories,

and can also be used for grinding,polishing and drawing of metal sheet materials and profiles.


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configuration instructions
Control system: HD6K Taiwan
Motor: SEW Germany
Electrics: Germany Te/Omron;
cable: EASY GRATH Germany
Ball screw: TAIWAN HIWIN;
Line guide rail: TAIWAN HIWIN;
Foot Switch: Karcon (South Korea)
cooling system: Beiqier

Main Features

Available to groove not from one side of plate and end not at another side

The minimum distance from the side of plate to the first grooving line is 10~12mm

The minimum size of plate to groove is 100X100mm

Available to groove from one point to another point

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6M Long Groove Steel Panel CNC Groover Machine Hydraulic Clamping Shuttle Slotting 0


samples workpiece after the sheet process on the CNC sheet V grooving machine

6M Long Groove Steel Panel CNC Groover Machine Hydraulic Clamping Shuttle Slotting 1