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High Hardness Stainless Steel Metal Shear Blades 2000mm Long With Four Edges

High Hardness Stainless Steel Metal Shear Blades 2000mm Long With Four Edges

  • High Light

    Hydraulic Shear Blade


    rotary shear blades

  • Name
    Cutting Blade
  • Model
  • Material
    Tool Steel
  • Screw Hole
  • Straightness
  • Application
    Metal Sheet Cutting,copper Sheet Cutting,staainless Steel Cut
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    Min. 1 set
  • Price
    USD 300-USD 2500
  • Packaging Details
    steel box and wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

High Hardness Stainless Steel Metal Shear Blades 2000mm Long With Four Edges

High Hardness Stainless Steel Blade 2000mm Long With Four Edges For Seond Shear




A. Various standard blade molds are available from stock. Non-standard specifications can be

customized and processed according to the drawings provided by customers.
B. Due to the variety and variety of products, the map may not have what you need, but as long as

you can tell what you need; or provide drawings to us, we can deliver qualified products to your hands.

If you need help, please call us.



General specifications, off-the-shelf, non-standard can be customized according to the drawings;
● Material: 6CrW2Si; W18Cr4V; 9CrSi; skd11; SHH; sk2; sk4; cpm15v; vpm10v; m2; m35; 9cr18;

9cr18v; j420; 3cr13; 4cr13 and other high-quality raw materials production;
● Service: maintenance of various types of knife and mold, consultation, etc., as well as hotline

technical support, including the query of common specifications of products.


Product advantages:
The products are all made of high-quality alloy raw materials, with sharp edge, wear resistance,

uniform hardness and smooth cut.
A wide range of products, specifications: round blades, shearing machine blades, bending machine

molds, cutting machine blades, food industry blades, plastic machinery blades, rubber machinery

blades, forestry machinery blades, carton mechanical blades, saw blades, special-shaped machinery Blades and other blade molds, contact us for details.


Maintenance method of shearing machine blade:

Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.
2, before each start-up according to the lubrication chart requirements, fgbn1mh fixed point,

quantitative lubrication, oil should be clean without precipitation.
3. The blade of the shearing machine must always be kept clean and unpainted part of the anti-rust

4. Lubricating oil in the motor bearing should be replaced regularly, and often check whether the

electrical part is working safely and reliably.
5. Regularly check whether the V-belt, handle, knob and button of the shearing machine are damaged.

If the blade of the shearing machine is seriously worn, it should be replaced in time and reported to be spare parts.
6. Regularly check the repair switch, insurance, and handle to ensure reliable operation.
7. 10 minutes before work every day, lubricate the machine and lubricate the machine.
8. It is strictly forbidden for non-designated personnel to operate the equipment. It is usually necessary

to stop the person from leaving the machine.
9. Select the shear gap according to the thickness of the board.
10, the board can not be contaminated with impurities.
11. Avoid cutting and welding old boards.
12. Avoid over-limit shearing thick plates. Timing the upper and lower blade gaps.


shearing machine type for blade:

The shearing machine is divided into a hydraulic shearing machine and a mechanical shearing

machine as well as a gate shearing machine. In the process of using the shearing machine,

remember not to overload the machine. Check the hydraulic parts and hydraulic lines regularly. Also

check the gap between the blade and the blade of the shearing machine frequently. If the blade is not sharp, replace it in time. In order to increase the service life of the shearing machine and the shearing machine blade.


High Hardness Stainless Steel Metal Shear Blades 2000mm Long With Four Edges 0

blades suitable for the shearing mchine:

DURAMA blades for Hydraulic shearing machine;
Blades for Mechanical Cutting Machine .
HACO blades for hydraulic shearing machine.
AMADA blades; LVD blades.
Blades for hydraulic cutting machine
Blades for hydraulic guillotine machine
Blades for mechanical guillotine machine
Blades for plate cutter.
Function: cutting
Heat treatment: to reliable condition

R&D: self designed upon client's requirements, or following your drawings
Delivery Time : Within 20 days
ISO 9001-2000 Certification

Material And Hardness:
1. 6CrW2Si HRC55~60
2. Material : Cr12MoV, HRC55~60


Model dimension material
DRS-6X2500 1300X80X20, X4pcs 9CrSi/ 6CrW2Si / Cr12Mo
DRS-6X3200 1100X80X20, X6pcs 6CrW2Si / Cr12Mo


Operational Progress:

Steel-making-Blanking-Forging Steel-Rough Progressing-Heat Treatment-

Finishing- Testing



Packaging & Delivery:



Packaging Detail:wooden cases

Delivery Detail:25-45 Days


More information please contact us:


WhatsApp:+86 13961729519