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Diameter 20-100mm Steel Pipe straightening Machine 7 Roller Straightener Automatic

Diameter 20-100mm Steel Pipe straightening Machine 7 Roller Straightener Automatic

  • High Light

    Power Press equipment


    mechanical power presses

  • Structure
    Welding Structure
  • Name
  • Roller Munber
    7 Rollers Or 9 Roller
  • Application
    Straightening Solid Round Pipe And Round Tupe
  • Drive Type
    Motor And Reducer
  • Accuracy
    0.7mm/m And1mm/m,
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 40'HQx1
  • Delivery Time
    60 days

Diameter 20-100mm Steel Pipe straightening Machine 7 Roller Straightener Automatic


Diameter 20-100mm Steel Pipe straightening Machine 7 Roller Straightener Automatic
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Introduction to Stretch Bending Straightener:
Stretch bending straightening machine, which is a kind of straightening machine, can be simply

referred to as a tension leveling machine, which achieves the purpose of straightening by repeated

bending of the sheet material, and at the same time causes yield deformation of the material.

In addition, it also improves the processing properties of the material by uniform deformation,

making it suitable for subsequent use.


Six roll or seven roll straightening principle:

In the straightening machine, the six-roll straightening machine, like the four-roll straightening

machine, is a more commonly used straightening machine. Therefore, we must also familiarize

and understand the working principle of the straightening machine. You can get a preliminary

understanding of this type of straightening machine.

In the six-roll straightener, it has six straightening rolls and is arranged in three pairs of up

and down symmetry. In addition, the six straightening rolls are all active rolls. Its frame is composed

of two parts. On the upper part of the frame, there are three sets of upper roller height adjustment

devices, as well as their balance and locking devices. Moreover, for each set of devices, there is a

separate control roll for good control.

Generally, the straightening roller in the straightening machine is a group drive, which is driven

by three motors, a reducer and a cardan shaft. Further, the adjustment gap is adjusted by a

hydraulic lock device. At the same time, it is also possible to have the straightening rollers in

the same position when working. There is a movable inlet guide on the inlet side of the straightener,

and an exit pinch roller on the outlet side.


The straightening principle used in earlier straighteners was to apply a certain tensile force at both

ends of the sheet to force the sheet to stretch longitudinally, thereby reducing the flatness. The

deformation of the sheet under tension is divided into elastic deformation and plastic deformation.

When the tensile force is removed, the elastic deformation will disappear and the plastic deformation

will remain, so only plastic deformation can provide permanent longitudinal extension of the sheet.

The straightening machine must provide a tensile tension that causes the sheet shape variable to

exceed the yield limit, so the energy consumption is large; and the excessive tensile tension causes

the sheet thickness to be significantly lowered after straightening, and the sheet is prone to breakage.
In order to reduce the tensile tension, the straightener incorporates a bending action. A steel roll is

placed in the direction of the vertical sheet surface, and the sheet is bent by pressing down the

steel roll. The sheet is convex downward by the action of the pressed steel roll, and is bent in the longitudinal direction. The bending action without stretching tension will cause the upper surface

of the sheet to shrink and the lower surface to stretch. When a suitable tensile tension is applied

to both ends of the sheet, the upper surface is offset by the contraction moment caused by the

bending and the tensile moment caused by the tensile tension, so that the upper surface is neither stretched nor shrunk. While the lower surface is simultaneously subjected to the tensile moment

and the tensile moment caused by the bending, the lower surface will be stretched. The portion

between the upper surface of the sheet and the lower surface is stretched to varying degrees.

In general, the entire sheet is stretched and the lower surface is maximally extended.
In summary, the stretch bending straightener extends the sheet by bending the sheet under tensile

tension to reduce or eliminate the unevenness of the sheet surface. The effect of the tensile tension

is that the upper and lower surfaces of the plate are in a stretched state, and are not used as the main power for the extension of the plate. The main power of the plate extension is the bending tension

provided by the bending.


Straightening machine structure:
The straightening machine consists of three parts: a tension roller set, a bending roller set and a straightening roller set. The tension roller group is composed of eight steel rollers, which are divided

into two groups (inlet tension roller group and outlet tension roller group), which provide tensile

tension through the difference between the two front and rear roller groups; the bending roller

group and the straightening roller group are usually They appear in pairs, both of which consist of a

work roll and a number of support rolls. The bending roll set and the straightening roll set provide

bending tension by pressing the sheet. The depth of the roll determines the degree of bending of

the sheet.
There are many process parameters for the straightener, but most of the parameters related to the mechanical design (such as the roll diameter) are fixed and not adjustable. The adjustable process parameters related to the quality of the sheet mainly include two parts: the straightening tension

provided by the tension roller set, and the bending depth of the bending roller set and the straightening roller set which determine the degree of bending of the steel plate (depression amount)



Mode JGB 60 JGB80 JGB100
Round pipe and tube metal metal metal
Round pipe ∅16-∅40 mm ∅20-∅80 ∅30-∅60mm
Round tube ∅20-60mm ∅20- ∅75 ∅30-∅100mm
Transmission ratio 10.35 10.35 21.002
Straightening speed 22-30mm/min 25mm/min 25mm/min
Curvature before straightening ﹤30mm/m ﹤30mm/m ﹤30mm/m
Straightening accuracy 1mm/m 1mm/m 1mm/m
Roller number 7 7 7
Size of the roller ∅150x260 ∅300x260 ∅220x300
material of the roller 9Cr2Mo 9Cr2Mo 9Cr2Mo
motor 11kw 15kw 22kw
Overall size 2100x900x1700 2500x1000x180 3300x1300x2200




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