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6m Length Electric Press Brake Machine Stainless Steel Shower Room Bending Machine

6m Length Electric Press Brake Machine Stainless Steel Shower Room Bending Machine

  • High Light

    mechanical press brake


    Steel Plate Bending Machine

  • Control Mode
    DLEM DA-52s
  • Application
    Sheet Metal
  • Name
    Hyfraulic Bending Machine
  • Tooling
    Sharpen Tool And Multi V Bottom Die
  • Tooling Matreial
    42CrMo Quench Treamnet
  • Advantage
    Accuracy Positioning, Better Bending Quality And Low Noise
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE and ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    nude packing and pallet packing
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

6m Length Electric Press Brake Machine Stainless Steel Shower Room Bending Machine

Stainless steel Shower Room Bending Machine 6m Length Electric Press Brake Machine


Jinqiu brand CNC hydraulic press brake machine sell


bending machine introduction:


Bending machine mainly refers to plate bending machine, used for all kinds of plastic, metal

plate bending molding operation. Bending machine can be divided into different types according

to working characteristics and ways.


bending machine paramter:


No. Name Data Unit
1 Nominal pressure 2500 KN
2 Length of worktable 6000 Mm
3 Stroke of Ram 200 Mm
4 Max. Open Height 500 Mm
5 Throat Depth 430 Mm
7 Distance between Housing 4800 Mm
8 Axises controlled Y1,Y2, X and V  
9 Back gauge’s stroke 20-1000 Mm

Overall Dimensions


4374x2195x2870 Mm



Downward speed 140 Mm/s
Working speed 10 Mm/s
Returning speed 120 Mm/s
12 Power of Motor 11 KW
13 Weight(N.W) 180000 kg
14 Front support arms 2 piece


bending machine application:


Bending machine is a kind of forging machinery, the main role is metal processing industry.

Products are widely used in light industry, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, instrumentation,

electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel structure, construction and decoration

industry is for sheet metal bending machine of choice for large sheet metal in sheet metal

processing machinery,

in particular, by selecting different kinds of mold, can press for sheet metal bending, stretching,

round, punching, etc. Bending machine can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic, hydraulic

bending machine according to the synchronous mode can be divided into: mechanical

synchronization,twist shaft synchronization, hydraulic synchronization, and electro-hydraulic synchronization. Hydraulic bending machine can be divided into: up type, down type. The downward movement is the upward movement of the workpiece of the work table and the workpiece of the

work table together, the slider does not move, at present domestic market has been relatively rare,

the majority is up move type, up move type is the workpiece of the work table and the workpiece of

the work table does not move,

the slider moves downward. According to the control mode can be divided into: ordinary control,

economic numerical control and standard numerical control.


hydraulic bending machine characteristic:


WE67Y refers to hydraulic pressure, upper drive, double oil cylinder, torque shaft synchronization,

non-numerical control, 63/2500 refers to nominal pressure of 63 tons, length of workpiece 2500mm.

Its structure and features:
1. Adopt all-steel welding structure with sufficient strength and rigidity, and eliminate internal stress

through aging vibration or annealing furnace.
2. The wall board adopts c-shaped structure, so it can process large workpieces by placing them

side by side.
3. Drive on the hydraulic, connect the oil cylinder at both ends of the machine with the slide block,

and drive the sliding work directly.
4. The sliding block synchronous mechanism adopts the forced synchronization of the torsional shaft

to make the sliding block move smoothly.
5. The positioning adopts the built-in mechanical block structure of oil cylinder, with high repeated positioning accuracy.
Slide stroke and backstop distance can be quickly adjusted by motor, manual fine tuning, counter

6. The slider can stop at any position, which improves the safety performance.
7. Fast clamping device for upper mold shortens the mold change time and improves production

efficiency. Manual adjustment device for upper mold increases the precision of workpiece and die life.
8. Slightly weak anti-off-load ability.


Mchine tool Operation Instructions:

1. Strictly observe the safety operation rules of machine tool workers, and wear labor protection

articles as required.
2. Carefully check whether the motor, switch, circuit and grounding are normal and firm before

starting, and check that all operating positions and buttons of the equipment are in the correct position.
3. Check the consistency and consistency of upper and lower molds; Check whether the

positioning device meets the processing requirements.
4. Turn on the power, turn on the switch on the control panel, and then start the oil pump.
5. Operate empty for 5-10 minutes after starting, and move the upper slider 2 to 3 times for

full travel. If abnormal sound or malfunction is found, stop the machine immediately and remove

the fault.
6. One person should be in charge of the work to make the operator cooperate closely with the

feeding pressing staff and ensure that the cooperating staff will send bending signals in a safe

7. When bending the sheet material, the sheet material must be supported behind the sheet

material with both hands to prevent the sheet material from sticking up.
8. In general, the width of the plate thickness should be no less than 8 times. If the R arc cannot

meet the requirements of the workpiece, it can be slightly less than this value under sufficient pressure.
9. Make sure there is a gap between the thickness of the plate when the die of bending machine

goes down to the bottom; otherwise, it will cause damage to the mold and machine.
10. When the machine is working, there is no standing person at the rear of the machine.
11. It is strictly forbidden to press the folding sheet separately at one end.
12. If the workpiece or mold is found wrong in operation, it shall be stopped for correction and

shall not be corrected by hand to prevent hand injury. 13. Do not bend more than the performance

of the plate bending machine to avoid damage to the machine.
14. Check up and down the mold often. Whether the pressure gauge instructions are in accordance

with the regulations.
15. Power must be cut off when adjusting the plate die.
16. When changing the opening of variable die, no material is allowed to contact the die.
17. Shut down immediately when abnormal happens, check the cause and eliminate it in time.
18. Before shutting down, place wooden blocks on both sides of the lower die to lower the upper

slide onto the block.Maintain other hydraulic machinery.




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Machine picture:


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