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Deep Drawing Car Door 200T Hydraulic Press Machine Servo Drive 2x1.5m Worktable

Deep Drawing Car Door 200T Hydraulic Press Machine Servo Drive 2x1.5m Worktable

  • High Light

    Power Press equipment


    mechanical power presses

  • Feature
    High Precision,low Noise,quick Forming
  • Advantage
    Easy To Maintenance
  • Name
    Servo Presss Machine/extrusion Hydraulic Press Machine
  • Condition
    Brand New
  • Producing Standard
  • Forging Forming Method
    Mold Forging
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  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 20'GPx1
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

Deep Drawing Car Door 200T Hydraulic Press Machine Servo Drive 2x1.5m Worktable


Deep Drawing Car Door 200T Hydraulic Press Machine Servo Drive 2x1.5m Worktable


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Hydraulic press Machine Performace

Y32 series single-action thin plate rapid stretching hydraulic machine is specially used for stretching, bending and forming processes of metal sheets. Can be blanked, corrected, press-fitted, punched. Applicable to the needs of the automotive, aerospace, chemical and other industries.
This series of models uses a reverse stretching process, and the hydraulic pad can be installed in the workbench or outside the workbench. The hydraulic system uses a cartridge valve, and the electrical system is automatically controlled by PLC. With jog and semi-automatic operation functions, the stroke, pressure and speed of each moving component are independently adjustable within a certain range to meet the needs of metal molded parts.

According to the user's needs, it can be equipped with a feeding device, a moving table, a punching buffer device, a grating safety protection device, a human-machine interface, and the like.


Stamping press machien parameter

Item of press machine unit model
Y32-100 Y32-200 Y32-315 Y32-500
Nominal pressure KN 1000 2000 3150 5000
Max. system pressure KN 25 25 25 25
Max. return pressure KN 245 300 245 300
Max. stroke mm 400 500 400 500
Max. opening height mm 800 900 800 900
Ejection pressure KN 300 400 300 400
Stroke of ejection mm 200 200 200 200
Worktable size mm 700 800 700 800
mm 700 800 700 800
Slider speed Mm/s 300 350 300 350
Mm/s 12-24 8-6 12-24 8-16
Mm/s 250 200 250 200
Motor power KW 18.5 18.5 18.5x2 18.5x2
  • Four columns press machine work mode
  • Jog: Press the corresponding button to generate the corresponding action, release the action to stop
  • Manual: Press the corresponding button to generate the corresponding action until the limit position
  • Semi-automatic: (1) Constant pressure control: sliding beam rapid decline → slow speed drop → pressurization to electric contact pressure gauge DJ upper limit after pressure holding delay → pressure relief → return stroke (final stop)
  • Fixed-range control: rapid decline of sliding beam → slow down → pressurization When the sliding beam hits the proximity switch XK, the start of pressure holding delay → pressure relief → return (final stop)
  • Features of the press: three-beam four-column structure, economical and practical, hydraulic control adopts plug-in valve integrated system, reduce leakage point, reliable action, long service life, can realize two forming processes of constant pressure and fixed stroke, and has pressure-holding delay function The working pressure stroke can be adjusted within the specified range, and the button centralized control can realize three operation modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic
  1. can be customized hydraulic machine various models under the top cylinder
  2. punching buffer device
  3. PLC touch screen control shunt
  4. fast stroke liquid filling device
  5. 20T---1000T can be customized according to customer requirements

Hydraulic machine hydraulic system use and maintenance
1. Measures can be taken to prevent the oil from being contaminated due to the pollution of the hydraulic fluid of the hydraulic machine. Care should be taken to keep the oil clean before use. After the oil enters the factory, if it is not used for a while, it should be sealed and stored in a well-ventilated place in the room or in a cool and dry place. It should not be exposed to the open air and rain. When the hydraulic fluid is filled into the fuel tank, it must be filtered according to the requirements of the system. Keep the tank mouth, barrel mouth, funnel and other utensils clean when filling. Rinse thoroughly before installation to remove any dirt from components and systems.
2. Control oil temperature. The temperature inside the fuel tank generally does not exceed 60 ° C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed the critical value allowed by the hydraulic equipment.
3. Waterproof and water release. A drain valve must be provided at the bottom of the fuel tank. The fuel tank, piping and each cooler tube should be sealed and watertight.


Deep Drawing Car Door 200T Hydraulic Press Machine Servo Drive 2x1.5m Worktable 0

Four-column hydraulic auxiliary device

  • The four-column hydraulic machine auxiliary device is a device for storing and conveying working medium and ensuring working medium, mainly including oil pipe, pipe joint, oil tank, oil filter, accumulator, cooler and exhaust device.
  • In the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press, the selection of the auxiliary device is also important. Sometimes the selection of the auxiliary device is unreasonable or the quality is not good, so that the system generates oil leakage, vibration and noise, the oil is overheated, and the oil contains too much gas. And various impurities and other phenomena, which will pollute the working environment, seriously damage the working capacity of the hydraulic system, and even cause accidents. Therefore, the position of the auxiliary device in the high-performance, high-index hydraulic transmission system is very important. Tubing is an important auxiliary device in the hydraulic system of four-column hydraulic press
  • The tubing connects the components of the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press to ensure normal circulation of the oil and achieve energy transfer. The oil pipe must have sufficient strength, is not easy to be damaged, and is easy to install and use. The energy loss when the oil flows is small, and the impurities attached to the pipe wall are less, and it is not easy to be oxidized.
  • In order to ensure that the pressure loss of the oil flowing through the pipeline is small, the shorter the pipeline, the better, the pipeline should be reduced as much as possible, and the diameter of the pipeline should be changed abruptly. The inner wall of the pipeline should be smooth, and the flow area of ​​the pipeline should be large enough to avoid oil. The flow rate is too large.
  • The outer diameter of the tubing can be selected according to the relevant materials according to the material, working pressure