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63T pressure Motor Bearing Cnc Horizontal Hydraulic Press Machine Digital Display

63T pressure Motor Bearing Cnc Horizontal Hydraulic Press Machine Digital Display

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    cnc horizontal hydraulic press machine


    63t horizontal hydraulic press machine


    cnc hydraulic press brake machine 63t

  • Structure
    Horizontal Ype
  • Name
    Hydraulic Assembly Machine
  • Working Prssure
  • Application
    Fitting The Bearings In The Motors
  • Drive Type
    Hydraulic Drive
  • Feature
    Automatic Adjsut The Moving Distance And Moving Speed
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 40'GPx2
  • Delivery Time
    60 days

63T pressure Motor Bearing Cnc Horizontal Hydraulic Press Machine Digital Display


63T pressure Motor Bearing Horizontal Press Machine CNC Digital Dispaly Hydraulic Cold press
supply Hydraulic press machine,ball screw hydraulic press, core rod straightening machine,bending machine,

motor bearing fitting machine


motor beaing press machine Characteristic:
the press machine assembly line, production and processing, the digital display, digita lcontrol ,high precision,

automatic defection efficiency good, applied to fully automated manipulator

hydraulic ball screw press machine introduction:

the hydraulic press machine adopts steel welding  structure, and get eliminating stree, the hydraulic system all

closed in the fuselage,very convenient in practical use, and maintenance to the different motor is "v'’ type lift table,

replace the press hed is convenient manual button control,automatic return, high efficiency,good quality installation,

overheating set of processing.

The structure of the horizontal bearing press is left and right. The hydraulic cylinder is placed horizontally. The structure

has a left support, a right support, a pressure head, a workbench, an upper and lower support and a turning mechanism.

The hydraulic cylinder is placed on the right support. Place the workpiece on the work, the worktable can slide on a certain

track, after the workpiece is placed, adjust the axis of the workpiece so that the axis is perpendicular to the section of the

left pillar, and then the workpiece and the indenter are centered.

Centering is to align the axis of the workpiece with The axis of the indenter is aligned so that the outer ring will not be

crushed when the outer ring is pressed.
Horizontal bearing press machine
The turning structure is designed on the workbench, that is, there is a turntable on the workbench that can

rotate on theworkbench,

so that after pressing one end of the workpiece, it can be turned over immediately and then press one end.
The two schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages. In scheme 1, the axis of the workpiece can

be well perpendicular to the lower beam when the bearing is pressed by the neutral press, and the work is relatively

stable, but the position of the workpiece

needs to be moved and the indenter is centered. The process of turning the workpiece is inconvenient. It requires

a lot of manpower to move the workpiece into the turning mechanism. The force when turning by manpower is not

as good as that of horizontal turning in a horizontal press. When pulling out the workpiece, the crossbeam may be

connected to the lower beam.

The turning mechanismof the horizontal press in the second scheme is much more convenient than the vertical one, and

it is also labor-saving. However, he

needs to adjust the verticality between the axis of the workpiece and the cross-section of the left bracket, as well as centering,

and it takes a lot of manpower to lift the workpiece onto the worktable.


Reasons for the instability of the bearing press:

Generally speaking, the main reason for the unstable flow of the bearing press is the clogging of the orifice or

the loosening of the locking device. The high oil temperature or the change of the load pressure will mostly cause

instability. What else are there?

1. Due to the vibration of the bearing press or other reasons, after the throttle valve is adjusted and locked, the locking

bolt becomes loose, and the adjusting rod is also loose on the support sleeve, which changes the opening of the throttle

valve and causes the flow rate change.
2. The throttle valve spool of the bearing press is sealed with a gap, and there must be leakage. Due to wear and tear,

the matching gap increases, and the leakage also increases, especially when the flow is small, which directly affects

the stability of the flow.

3. The oil of the bearing press has not been filtered, and the impurities inside will accumulate and adhere to the tube

wall of thehrottle channel, resulting in a reduction in the flow area, and the speed of the actuator will slow down, which

will cause the flow to cut off. Once the impurities or dirt are washed away, it will also cause a sudden jump.
4. When the pressure oil passes through the throttle gap, it will produce pressure loss, which makes the intelligent

press machine oil temperature rise locally, and the oil is oxidized and deteriorated. Sundries such as gum, carbon residue

or asphalt are deposited at the throttle. The orifice is attached to the pipe wall, which reduces the circulation area and even

blocks the effective fluid path.


motor stator hydraulic press machien specification

 nominal pressure :    63T

Max. hydraulic liquid : 4Mpa

stroek of the hydraulic cylinder:   350mm

stroke of enjecting cylinder:    120mm

Max. distance between the tailstock :  1200mm

Min. distance between the tailstock: 500mm

the speed of pressing head:   40mm/s

the speed of tailstocks :   27mm/s

overal size of the press machine: 2500X650X1200

the height between the worktable and the floor:  750mm

motor power: 4Kw

weight of the pres machine: 3000kg


motors pressing machine photo


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