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200# Channel Steel Beding 500T/4000 Cnc Hydraulic Press With DA-53T System

200# Channel Steel Beding 500T/4000 Cnc Hydraulic Press With DA-53T System

  • High Light

    500t Cnc Hydraulic Press


    DA-53T System Cnc Hydraulic Press


    Cnc Hydraulic Press With DA-53T System

  • Name
    500T Press Machine
  • Extra Service
    Bending The Light Pole
  • Material Strength
    Tensile Stregth 630Mpa
  • Application
    Bending Steel Channel, I Beam
  • Charachter
    High Bending Accuracy,strong Bending Pressure
  • Working Length
    4300mm Length Workbench
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE and ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    nude packing and pallet packing
  • Delivery Time
    35 days

200# Channel Steel Beding 500T/4000 Cnc Hydraulic Press With DA-53T System

200# Channel Steel Beding 500T/4000 CNC Hydraulic Press Brake With DA-53T system



distributing CNC hydraulic press brake machine/ automatic press brake machine


C type  CNC Press brake machine Features:


CNC press brake provide Simple & Flexible Controls: Use either a convenient multi-switch control panel

or a 3-position fully guarded foot switch.

Accuracy: Every bender machine is thoroughly inspected and tested. Parallelism is maintained

between bed and ram, or at a preset angle, by using precise automatic leveling controls.

Parallelism is maintained at ±0.002 inch in low speed. The ram bottom reversal point is

controlled by precise limit switches referenced off the bed. This isolates housing deflections

whichcan interfere with accuracy. The side situated handwheel sets the bottom limit of the ram


Micrometer adjustment on the control end allows for tilting or paralleling of the ram. A bed

referenced control monitors the actual distance between ram and bed, assuring repeatability

independent of die wear or end plate deflection.

Versatility: CNC Press Brakes machine have long, full tonnage stroke; adjustable length and

selectable speed combinations; adjustable height for short stroke. Two-speed is standard;

three-speed with infinitely adjustable low speed is optional. This option prevents sudden whip

up of the work during bending operations.

Maintenance: Clevis mounted cylinders eliminate cylinder binding reducing the possibility of

oil leaks. Pins and bushings do not rotate under load, resulting in much less wear than

competitive products.

Easy Hydraulic System Maintenance: The manifold assembly saves space and makes it easy

to replace many components. The convenient work height makes the job easier.

Convenient Settings: Readout reads in increments of 0.001 inch allows recorded settings of

closed heights.

Standard Components: The control system components, micro switches, clamp-type backgauge,

hydraulic fluid and filter cartridges are all standard equipment, making routine maintenance easier.

Flexibility: 2-speed ram is electrically controlled. It lets you shift to a lower speed before coming

into contact with sheet metal.

Control: The ram stops at the point of reference and self-levels on every stroke. Main control

cabinet enclosures are mounted on the side frame containing magnetic, non-reversing motor,

starter and 110/120v control circuit.

Safety and Reliability: The control system operates at 110/120v using a minimum of circuitry.

The system operates predominantly with American made electronics and American made motors.

Durability: All steel end frames, ram and bed.

Electrical Equipment: Meets requirements of NFPA 79. It includes drip proof, continuous duty 45ºC

ambient hydraulic pump motor wired for 208-230/460v 3 phase, 60 hertz, others optional.

Ram Level: Is accomplished by two hydraulic systems. One for each cylinder, which keeps them

parallel. Self-levels at bottom of each stroke even if hydraulic system is out of adjustment.


Second hydraulic sheet press brake machine Performance


CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes are engineered to handle your metal forming requirements and

have proven their performance in thousands of field installations.

it's versatile, accurate, rugged, easy to operate and easy to maintain. That's the way we makes

its Press Brakes.

Whether you bend plastic or steel, there's a Hydraulic Press Brake to match your needs, ranging

from the 20-ton model to the 550-ton. No matter the size, each machine features convenient

operation for maximum output and ease of maintenance for maximum productivity.

We go the extra mile to build a Press Brake that works hard, works accurately, and stays that

way for years to come.

When your name goes on the finished product, so does your reputation. We feel the same way.

Compare features. Compare results. You can count on first-class American technology, rugged

durability, versatility and economy when it's made by Betenbender Manufacturing, Inc.

Our Standard and Optional features make delivering quality easier.


plate bending machine Configuration


No. item
1 Standard four axes(Y1,Y2,X and V)
2 Holistic welding structure treated by annealing
3 lower table cylinder crowning mechanism controlled by da-56 system.
4 CNC system controls mechanical titled flexible compensation working table
5 Swiss CYBELEC DNC600 system or Geramny DELEM DA-56 system
6 High efficiency electric hydraulic proportional system from Europe
7 press brake special l sensor gauge from Europe
8 High efficiency AC servo motor and driver from JAPAN
9 oil seals from out outside
10 European or Chinese high efficiency meshing gear pump
11 ball screw and linear guide
12 Standard upper and lower dies
13 Standard front support sheet frame
14 Foot switch with emergency


Applications of hydraulic press for sheet metal bending:

Full length bends where full tonnage across the bed is a necessity for the truest bends
Off-center loading when any amount of the brakes tonnage is needed across the bed
Center loading where any amount of the brakes tonnage is required
Multiple die set-ups across the bed that require varying amounts of tonnage
Punching applications in one area or at varied locations across the bed - each brake has a

counter balance valve to allow the least shock to the hydraulic system
Short piece work, with some of the fastest ram speeds on any brake, your small piece work is

done quickly, easily and with precision.
Any Size Facility will benefit for the Standard Industrial brake from the price conscious smaller

facility that does piece by piece work up to the 3 shifts a day high production manufacturers that

require dependable, low maintenance machines with readily available components for minimal


 Specifications of smll hydraulic press brake






1 Nominal force kN 5000
2 Length of worktable mm 4000
3 Distance between housing mm 3100
4 Throat depth mm 1400
5 Ram Stroke mm 400
6 Maximum opening height mm 800



Speed of ram stroke Idle running mm/s 70
Pressing mm/s 8
Retract mm/s 70



Internal gear pump Model IPH-6B-80-11
Pressure MPa 25
Flow ml/r 80



Main motor Model Y2-225M-4B35
Power kW 45x2
Speed r/min 1480




Backgauge motor Model SGMGH-09A
Power kW 0.9
Speed r/min 1500
11 Rated pressure of hydraulic system Mpa 25



Overall Dimensions Length mm 6440
Width mm 8080
Height mm 6600
13 Weight of machine kg 135000


download brochure here

CNC hydraulic press brake machine.pdf


 the fingers of the back gauge for the CNC sheet press brake machine

200# Channel Steel Beding 500T/4000 Cnc Hydraulic Press With DA-53T System 0

42CrMo material upper punching and multi V bottom die on the CNC press brake

200# Channel Steel Beding 500T/4000 Cnc Hydraulic Press With DA-53T System 1