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315t Stretching 24.5mpa Hydraulic Press Punching Machine

315t Stretching 24.5mpa Hydraulic Press Punching Machine

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    24.5mpa hydraulic press punching machine


    315t hydraulic press punching machine


    stretching 315 ton hydraulic press machine

  • Structure
    Four Column Type
  • Name
    Hydraulic Press Machine/power Press Mahine
  • Working Prssure
    Adjustable By Vlave
  • Application
    Streching,punching ,bending, Extruding Metal Sheet
  • Drive Type
    Hydraulic Type
  • Feature
    Low Noise And Easy Operatiing
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 20'GPx1
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

315t Stretching 24.5mpa Hydraulic Press Punching Machine


315T Stretching 24.5Mpa Hydraulic Frame Press Y28 Sereise Assembly Pressing Machine

new type servo press machine,electic press, press machine,bending machine


Performance characteristics of frame hydraulic press machine:
This machine is suitable for pressing processes of plastic materials, such as punching, bending, flanging,

sheet stretching, etc. It can also be used in calibration, press-fitting, grinding wheel forming, cold-extruding

metal parts forming, plastic products and powder products press forming process.
This machine has independent power mechanism and electrical system, and adopts button centralized control,

which can realize three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic.
The working pressure, pressing speed, and stroke range of the machine can be adjusted according to process

requirements. And it can complete two process modes of constant pressure and constant process molding.

The process mode of constant pressure molding has pressure maintaining and delayed automatic return

action after pressing.


3150KN pressure hydraulic press use:
The frame hydraulic press is suitable for assembling, disassembling, straightening, calendering, stretching,

bending, punching, etc. of machine parts. It truly realizes multiple functions in one machine; it can be used for

correcting deformed workpieces, disassembling cylindrical and conical bearings, and pressing. Various tight fittings.
Frame typemulti-fuctional hydraulic press classification:
For example, according to the type of liquid that transmits pressure, there are two categories: hydraulic press

and hydraulic press. The total pressure generated by the hydraulic press is relatively large, and it is often used

for forging and stamping. Forging hydraulic press is divided into die forging hydraulic press and free forging

hydraulic press. The die forging hydraulic press uses molds, while the free forging hydraulic press does not use

molds. A 10,000-ton hydraulic press manufactured in my country is a free forging hydraulic press.


The structure of 315T press machine is composed of two parts:
1. Host part:
The main machine is welded by channel steel, the cylinder is installed on the inner hole of the bottom end of

the machine top, the chuck is installed on the lower end of the cylinder plunger, and it reciprocates up and down

together with the plunger. The workbench is fixed on the channel steel by a pin. The height of the worktable can be adjusted.
2. Hydraulic system:
The hydraulic system (pump station) is installed on the right side of the main engine. The entire hydraulic control

system is driven by the motor to drive the high-pressure oil pump to input pressure oil. After passing through

the electromagnetic reversing valve, the oil is input respectively, so that the cylinder plunger can move up and

down, and the reversing valve is in the middle position. The middle system is unloaded, and the oil flows into the



Hydraulic Frame Machine paramter:

Model Y28-300
Nominal pressure(KN) 3000
Return pressure(KN) 250
Ejector pressure(KN) 400
Size of table 700X6501
Stroke of cylinder 450
The stroke of the ejector 240
Max. distance between the slider and table 650
speed Fast down 180


slow down




Motor power 18.5


photo of hydraulic frame press machine 315T

315t Stretching 24.5mpa Hydraulic Press Punching Machine 0


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