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4m Steel Pipe YD41-40T Straightening Hydraulic Manual Press Machine High Precision

4m Steel Pipe YD41-40T Straightening Hydraulic Manual Press Machine High Precision

  • High Light

    40t hydraulic manual press machine


    4m pipe hydraulic manual press machine


    40t manual hydraulic press machine

  • Structure
    YD41 Sereis Single Column Type
  • Name
    Hydraullic Straightening Press
  • Working Prssure
  • Application
    Straightening The Steel Pipe, Steel Tube
  • Drive Type
    Electrical And Hydraulic Pump Drive
  • Feature
    Automatic Control Pressure And Bending Stroke
  • Straightening Accuracy
    0.06-0.10mm/ M
  • Keyword
    C Type Straightening Machine, Pipe Straightening Press,deep Drawing Press
  • Worktable Length
    6m Long Workpiece
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 40'GPx2
  • Delivery Time
    60 days

4m Steel Pipe YD41-40T Straightening Hydraulic Manual Press Machine High Precision


4m Steel Pipe YD41-40T Straightening Hydraulic Manual Press Machine High Precision
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Characteristic for straightening press:
This hydraulic straightening machine adopts a hydraulic control system with advanced performance and

convenient debugging and use, which can meet the processing needs of the workpiece to the greatest extent.
The applicable workpieces of the hydraulic straightening machine (within the range of the corresponding size):

shafts, pipe parts, etc.
When straightening some rough shaft parts, steel pipes or round steel, the speed can be adjusted back to the

normal pressure speed to improve work efficiency.
The existing straightening machines mainly have two structures: "door" type and "C" type. The traditional

straightening machines are mostly "C" type structure. Most domestic enterprises directly use Y series

single-column correction press hydraulic press for straightening. The product is manually inspected by

the operator for the deformation of the shaft parts, the straightening load (hydraulic pressure) is monitored

during the straightening process, and the straightening is based on experience. The straightening feature of

the "C" type straightening machine is that the pressure calibration point is fixed, and the pressure calibration

process of different parts of the part is completed by adjusting the position of each support block and the lateral

position of the worktable. Manual adjustment is performed manually during manual operation, and partly manual

and partly automatic adjustment during semi-automatic straightening.

Hydraulic straightening press Introduction:
Large table surface precision digital display digital moving table straightening machine Large

shaft type screw straightening intelligent hydraulic.

100 ton rack digital straightening machine linear guide (slide) screw hydraulic straightening machine.

Through the computer programming system, the machine can accurately set the indenter stroke,

effectively control the pressing distance, overcome the phenomenon of repeated straightening and straightening

of theordinary straightening machine, and effectively improve the working efficiency and straightening accuracy.

The machine tool has independent power mechanism and hydraulic and

electrical system. The working pressure, pressure calibration speed and stroke range can be

adjusted as needed.
the head stroke can be digitally displayed at any time, and the "0" can be set arbitrarily to greatly

improve the work efficiency.
the operation mode can be selected manually and automatically, or can control the straightening

distance by displaying the head stroke in real time in slow state.
The bending of the workpiece straightened by the machine tool is not more than 0.02mm in the whole length range,

and there is no trace of crush on the surface.
In the automatic state, the qualified range of the shaft can be set. If the qualified range is not

reached, the indenter can be automatically straightened until the qualified range is reached,

and the indenter returns to the top dead center.

pressing head of straightening machine

4m Steel Pipe YD41-40T Straightening Hydraulic Manual Press Machine High Precision 0

steel pipe straightening press Machine paramter:

working pressure:  40T

hydraulic system pressure: 24Mpa

Min. distance between the shaft head and worktable:250mm

the speed of the spindler:90mm

the Max.stroke of the piston rod:200mm

throat depth:300mm

worktable size:4000X600mm

height of the table to the floor: 810mm

main motor power: 7.5kw

overall dimension: 4000X1400X2700mm

weight: 7000kg

Warranty for hydraulic press machinery:
1. Our guarantee time is 13 months from shipment date. If any component is damaged during
guarantee time, we can send the component to the customer by DHL, TNT freely.
2. Our factory can send our engineer to the customer’s factory install, commission and training
freely. The customer provide the double trip tickets, food and accommodation for our engineer.
The customer can send the engineer to our factory to learn the operation and maintains freely.
3. Our factory provide the service for the customer forever, if the customer need operation help,
can contact us by MSN, Skype, Email and Telephone at any time, we provide 24 hours on-line
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4M length steel tube straightening Machine picture:
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