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Y35 Gantry Motor Rotor Stator 100T Hydraulic Press Machine High Setting Accuracy

Y35 Gantry Motor Rotor Stator 100T Hydraulic Press Machine High Setting Accuracy

  • High Light

    PLC 100 ton hydraulic press machine


    ISO 100 ton hydraulic press machine


    PLC hydraulic press machine 100 ton

  • Structure
    Steel Plate Welding Structure
  • Name
    Pressing Machine
  • Working Prssure
  • Application
    Motor Rotor&stator Pressing
  • Control Type
    PLC Control
  • Characteristic
    Easy Operate In Drawing To Push Away,loading And Unloading ,hight Positioning Accuracy.
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 20'GPx1
  • Delivery Time
    40 days

Y35 Gantry Motor Rotor Stator 100T Hydraulic Press Machine High Setting Accuracy

Y35 Gantry Motor Rotor Stator 100T Hydraulic Press Machine High Setting Accuracy
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Hydraulic press machine application range:

this type of machine is used for pressing and installing large and middle scale motors. it offers pressing

and installing the rotor and the stator of motor,making orientations and finalizing the design for the stator

ans silicon stell sheet and suppressing, mangling,drawing and shaping the full length things.


Description of the motor stator pressing machine and rotor pressing machine:
Features of the press:
1. The solid open structure with integral welding can keep the machine body sufficiently rigid and at the

same time have a more convenient operation space;
2. Pressure, stroke, holding time, closing height can be adjusted steplessly according to requirements,

and can also be designed as two-stage speed (no-load fast, pressurization slow), and can be adjusted

arbitrarily within the use stroke. The length of
3. An optional load cell and display can be added to accurately display the force status of the product to

achieve the required work purpose;
4. You can also add an electronic ruler or grating ruler and a display to accurately display the displacement

of the oil cylinder to achieve the required work purpose.

Introduction of hydraulic pressing machine
The large motor stator pressing machine adopts a gantry structure with a large opening, a large working range

and a wide range of applications. The workbench is movable and can be used as a motor production line
It can also be used alone. The machine body adopts advanced welding technology to ensure the strength.

The worktable and the fixed plate of the cylinder are processed by the CNC boring and milling machine to

ensure the press-fitting requirements.
The degree of parallelism required. The cylinder adopts a brand new seamless thick-walled steel pipe, which

is processed by a CNC lathe and a high-precision grinder. The piston rod and the inner wall of the cylinder

are chrome-plated to ensure
The high precision and wear resistance of the oil cylinder improve the life.
Hydrulic Pressing Machine paramter

Model Y35-63T Y32-100T Y32-160T Y32-200T
Nominal pressure(KN) 630 100 160 200
Max. stroke of cylidner(mm) 500 600 800 800
 down speed of pressing head (mm/s) 24.3 25.8 25.5 25
return speed of pressing head(mm/s) 60 50 50 36
motor power(KW) 5.5 7.5 11 11
Max. distance between head to bench(mm) 1400 1600 1800 2200
moving distnce of bench(mm) 500 650 710 800
speed Fast down(mm/s) 24.3 25.8 25.5 25

slow down(mm/s)

10 12 12 12


60 50 50 36
bench size(LXW) (mm/s) 800x500 850x600 950x650 1000x1000

Product Characteristics
It applies liquid-filling quick-action technology that doubles operation efficiency.
Three big beams apply integrated structure that guarantee the equipment quality and operation lifetime.
Two electrical control systems, that is, relay or PLC, can be selected for convenient operation of customers.

item Y35-100 Y35-200 Y35-315 Y35-500


nominal pressure


1000KN 2000KN 31500KN 5000KN
return pressure 245KN 300KN 245KN 300KN
Max. stroke 400mm 500mm 400mm 500mm
open height 800mm 900mm 800mm 900mm
injection pressure 300KN 400KN 300KN 400KN
stroke of injection 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
size of worktable 700x700mm 800x800mm 700x700mm 800x800mm
power 2x18.5KW 2x18.5KW 2X18.5KW 2X18.5KW

Hydraulic press Structure
Equips with cartridge valve integrated unit
Adopts the independent electrical control system
Stroke and pressure can be adjusted within specified scope
Cutting dampening system (optional)
Moving Table (optional)
Light curtain safety device (optional)
Oil cooling device (optional)
Industrial touching screen monitor (optional)
Quick die clamping device (optional)
Upper ejector (optional)
Floating guide-way and rolling bracket for die exchange (optional)
 Motor rotor& stator pressing machine with moving bench
Y35 Gantry Motor Rotor Stator 100T Hydraulic Press Machine High Setting Accuracy 0