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50 Ton Mechanical Powder Compacting Press for Ceramic Insulator Processing

50 Ton Mechanical Powder Compacting Press for Ceramic Insulator Processing

  • High Light

    Mechanical Powder Compacting Press Machine


    100Ton Compacting Press Machine


    magnetic Mechanical Hydraulic Press Machine

  • Name
    Mecnhical Powder Forming Machine
  • Application
    Powder Metallurgy, Magnetic Material, Cemented Carbide, Ceramic, Carbon Brush Molding
  • Pressure
  • Fuction
    Pressing Ceramic Insulator, Powder Metallurgy
  • Structure
    Frame Construction
  • Packing
    Iorn Pallet With Plastic Cover.
  • Pressing Mode
    Mechnical Type Pressing
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 20'GPx1
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

50 Ton Mechanical Powder Compacting Press for Ceramic Insulator Processing

50Ton Machanical Powder Compacting Press Machine Process C221 Ceramic Insulator


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Function of dry powder press:


The ceramic powder press can discharge powder which are suitable to shape into tooling via hopper,


powder pipe and filling shoe automatically, then the upper punch do compacting to shape the powder,

thereby, realize the function of automatic withdrawal, ejection and power filling to the shaped products.

All motions are completed automatically by mechnical powder press.

Shaping principle: lower punch fixed, when the cavity of die filled with powder in filling position, firstly,

upper punch immerses into the cavity of die and do pre-pressing (pre-pressing exhaust) for powder,

then upper punch and die move downward simultaneously and do compressing for power. At this time,

the lower density of green part is higher than upper part, finally, upper punch compress the powder to

the cavity of die and do top pressing. At this time, the density of upper part also become higher, therefore,

realize double-direction function. When die continues to move downward, the green parts eject out from

the die; if the upper punch has a suitable pressure which is constant compacting on the green parts till green

parts ejected out from the die so as to ensure protective withdrawal and avoid cracks caused by product expansion

during ejection, it also called protective withdrawal.


Parameter of automatic powder press machine:
Max. pressing force : 500kN
Max. withdrawal force : 300kN
Max. supporting force in pressing position: 300kN
up punching travel: 195mm
Max. filling powder height : 170mm
withdrawal travel: 170mm
punch stroke: 10~20spm
main motor: 15kW
preload travel of up punching:   80mm
stepless variator:    inverter
cultch:   air clutch
operation mode:     human machine interface
pressure display device:  elastomer pressure sensor
angle display: rotary encode


Technology and control of ceramic powder forming machine :

1.realize homogenization of green body
No matter whether it is dry powder pressing or isostatic pressing, there are internal and external friction

between powderparticles and between powder and mold wall, which leads to uneven density distribution

of green body. Especially in dry powder pressing, in the pressing direction, the pressure decreases exponentially

with the height change, forming a density gradient, which makes it difficult to achieve the consistency of green body

density. Secondly, in order to meet the powder molding characteristics required by press molding, a certain amount

of additives need to be added.Whether they are uniform in each single particle is also an important factor affecting the

homogeneity of the green body.


50 Ton Mechanical Powder Compacting Press for Ceramic Insulator Processing 0


2. Forming mode:
The factors that affect the density of green compacts are very complex. Apart from the characteristics of powder
itself, the main factors are the shape and size of green compacts, the side-to-side area ratio of pressed pieces,
pressing pressure, mold roughness, lubrication conditions, pressing methods and friction coefficient of powder
movement in the mold, etc. All these play an important role. Practice has proved that isostatic pressing is superior
to dry powder pressing, and wet isostatic pressing is superior to dry bag isostatic pressing. Now, the internationally
popular full-automatic dry powder press adopts the crank-connecting rod mechanism of forced bidirectional pull-down pressing.
Many products are not simple blanks,
with different thicknesses and even multiple steps. When special-shaped products are formed, the movement track of
each part of the die in the press is different, and the thickness of each part is different. According to the molding technology,
the feeding method, the pressing times of the upper and lower dies, the position of the pressing line and whether the protective
demoulding is adopted should be selected according to the shape of the workpiece.


50 Ton Mechanical Powder Compacting Press for Ceramic Insulator Processing 1




Work Environment for automatic compactting press :
Environment temperature 5℃-35℃
Humidity: relative humidity ≤95%
Power supply voltage: 380V ± 10%
Compressed air pressure: 0.55-0.65MPa
Hoist ≥3t (only used for lift tool adaptor, not for install press)


Packing & shipping:

PVC film covered hydraulic press

Whole machine fixed in the container with steel rope,very safe

Wooden case or pallet or iron box

If have stock,can provide right now

If no stock,small machine delivery time 7-15days.Big machine delivery time 25-40days.

Can give destination port best price or cost to the customer factory


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 Forming mold of ceramic insulator on dry powder press machine:
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