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800 Ton Cylinders Shear Press Brake Electro Hydraulic Synchronous

800 Ton Cylinders Shear Press Brake Electro Hydraulic Synchronous

  • High Light

    shear press brake


    electric press brake

  • Product Name
    CNC Hydraulic Bending Machine/ CNC Tandem Press Brake
  • Application
    Oil Line And Car Beam
  • Automation
    Automatic Calculate Bending
  • Control System
    DELEM DA52S, DA-56 And DA-66T
  • Bottom Die Type
    Multi V Opening Bottom Die
  • Working Length
    6000mm Long Or 12000mm Long
  • Voltage
    380V/50HZ Or Customized
  • Capacity Of Beding
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet with rain roof cover, container type: 20'OTx4, 40'HQx5,20'GPx1
  • Delivery Time
    According to the requirement of order
  • Payment Terms
    T/T or L/C
  • Supply Ability
    2 sets per month

800 Ton Cylinders Shear Press Brake Electro Hydraulic Synchronous

800 Ton Cylinders Shear Press Brake Electro Hydraulic Synchronous
new type CNC sheet bending machine,sell sheet CNC hydraulic tandem press brake machine
sheet metal CNC bender Performance Characteristics
1. the CNC metal tandem press brake machine's main components adopt UG/ANSYS/CAD,
3D finite element analysis and optimization
designe ensuring machine tool's design aesthetics,reliable structure and stable work.
2. press brake machinery use steel welde rack, assembled workbench structure, optimized design, important welding
parts andstructural components by stress relief treament, the machine tool has the
characteristic of high accuracy, good rigidity, easy to trasnport, installation and operation, maintennance,attractive apperance.
4. the CNC metal press brake machine can control multi axes of Y1,Y2,X1,X2,V1,V2.
5. Y1,Y2 axes installed two grating ruler at both ends for full stroke detection, the
sychronzation of ram adopt hydraulic servo valve control.
6. V1,V2 axes is motor drive by control system to control the worktable to convex amount
7. the machine have front& rear feeding device and side dischargeing device.
second hand electric tandem press brake machine Description
The tandem CNC sheet bending machine body is in an overall welded and overall processed
structure,and ANSYS finlte element analysis software is applied to main parts of the machine
body for analysis,
800ton press brake which has ensured the reliability of machine tool and the precision of entire machine.
Closed loop control mode composed of electrohydraulic servo valve imported from Germany
and imported grating ruler is adopted for the main oil cylinders on both sides, to break
through the stroke control pattern of traditional bending machinesof mechanical stopper type,
typical of high feedback precision for position of gliding block, accurate and stable operation,
good synchronizing performance and high repeated positioningprecision of gliding block.
Imported parts are used for all the functional parts  in the rear stopper, to ensure the stopping
precision of rear stopper and the mechanism of rear stopper will  stopping shafts for more
complete functions is employed up to customer requirements.
The numeric control system refers to the numeric-control system special for electrohydraulic
servo bending machines of Italian ESA Netherlands DELEM, or Swiss CYBELEC Companies,
able to achievethe functions of graphic programming for bending angle, compensation for
angle amendment, automatic calculation of compensation for workbench distortion,
extending length of workpieces, bending pressure for sole pressing, open distance, and
automatic withdrawal of rear stopper etc.
 800 Ton Cylinders Shear Press Brake Electro Hydraulic Synchronous 0
Hydraulic Control Metal Sheet Power Brake Press features

  • hydraulic press brake bending machine with standard six axes( Y1,Y2,X1,X2,V1,V2)
  • Double machine wroking, 2-WE67K series is combined structure,
  • CNC ssytem control mechanical titled flexible compensation
  • European high effeciency electric hydraulic proportional system
  • the backgage adopt AC servo motor and ball screw.
  • oil seals, oil pipe connector from Europ or America
  • hydraulic pump adopt gear pumpfrom Japan
  • sychronization system adopt electro hydraulic servo proportional valve
  • the machine equip the front feeding device and side discharge device

Technical Parameter for electric press brake


CNC Tandem press brake

Working force


Length of table


distance between frames


Throat depth


Open height









Main motor

55Kw x2

CNC system

Type:  DA56 Delem Co., Netherlands
Control  Axis:Y1,Y2,X1,X2,V1V2


With 1 punching and 1 bottom die

Main Electric Elements in cabinet

Schneider or Siemens

Seal in the cylinders

NOK,Made in Japan

Gross weight


Packing size(mm) LxWxH



Iorn pallet With plastic cover
The machine should be disassemble during transportation. Our engineer should go to customer to assemble and adjust it.
Container type: 5x40’ GP, 4x20’ OT

 here is catalog of new model CNC hydraulic tandem press brake machine
CNC multi machine tandem hydraulic press brake.pdf
 800 Ton Cylinders Shear Press Brake Electro Hydraulic Synchronous 1