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Hydraulic Sheet Metal Grooving Machine CNC V Groove Cutting Tool 0.4Mpa - 0.6Mpa

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Grooving Machine CNC V Groove Cutting Tool 0.4Mpa - 0.6Mpa

  • High Light

    cnc grooving machine


    v groove cutting machine

  • Name
    CNC Notching Machine/v Grooving Machine
  • Feature
    Hydraulic Clmaping, Servo Drive And Big Worktable
  • Painting Color
    Purple And White
  • Heat Treatment
    Temper Treatment
  • Certificate
    ISO9001 Certificate
  • Max. Thickness Of Sheet
    3mm Thickness
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    Min. 1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 40'GPx1
  • Delivery Time
    30 days
  • Supply Ability
    5 set every month

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Grooving Machine CNC V Groove Cutting Tool 0.4Mpa - 0.6Mpa

Hydraulic Sheet Metal Grooving Machine CNC V Groove Cutting Tool 0.4Mpa - 0.6Mpa


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Characteristics of CNC sheet V grooving machine
the gantry type V grooving machine 1250X4000 is improved from the conventional table type grooving machine. The V grooving machine has all the advantages of
conventional table type grooving machine( such as the sheet is fixed& static. No
scratches on its opposite during grooving, simple structure and good rigidity and better stability).
compared with a conventional table type grooving machine, the improvement of the machine as follow:
the rear moving beam is designed to transversal moving, remove the auxiliary
clamp and the knife rack can left and right moving.
The driving force transmission system is changed from a straight gear into a skew wheel to increasing the speed, reducing the noise and vibration and ensure
the transmission more stability and reliability to prolong the life of gear.
The machine is subject to three axis controlling,.
Its X axis(longitudinal feed of knife rack) is subject to encoder based numerical
control, its axle Y(transversal moving of feeding unit) and Z axis are subject to
servo control, it can realize full automatic machining after the parameter are set,comprehensively improving the accuracy of grooving.
 the worktable can automatically repair after it is worn to prolong life for the machine.
The positioning through pressing sheet edges, there is neither contact between the clamping and the sheet surface, no pressing marks on the sheet surface. the grooving machine are treated by tempering to avoid the stresses. Ensure a high accuracy and good rigidity.


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Technical date:

Overall dimension 5600x2300x2100
Processing range 4000x1250mm
X axis(longitudinal) control and precision Encoder ±2mm
Y axis(transversal) control and precision Servo ±0.03mm
Z axis(depth of cut) control and precision servo±0.03mm
Power of X axes motor 4KW
Power of Y axes motor 1KW
Power of Z axes motor 1KW
Max. speed of X axis 60m/min
Max. speed of Y axis 6m/min
Max. thrust force of X axis 350kg
Compressed air 0.4Mpa-0.6Mpa
Features of LBC V groove machine products list
  Model Overall dimension
1 1220X3200 4800x2200x2100mm
2 1250x4000 5600x2200x2100mm
3 1250x5000 6600x2200x2100mm
4 1250x6000 7600x2200x2100mm


Hydraulic Sheet Metal Grooving Machine CNC V Groove Cutting Tool 0.4Mpa - 0.6Mpa 0


1. BC05k series metal sheet V grooving machine and slotting machine'scharateristics
is fast speed, high efficiency, the overall good rigidity, little deformation.
2.the equipment adopts fixed beam,the workpiece is feeding by rear feeding device,
adjustable working table,ensure the parallel rails over mesa beam in +0.03mm ,
solved within the groove depth of the problem of the precision of groovings.
3. the V grooving machine use carbon tool,measa of made after more than
HRC50 hardness of quenching,so wastage and can change surface,make equipment
prolong service life.
4. the machinee adopts 4 kW walk ,and installation six sets of blade, the Max. depth
of cut up to 1.2mm, it is fivetimes the traditional type efficiency.

CNC system
The system is HUST H6DLC control from Taiwang
it control 3 axes, Have oscilloscopes, dialogue editing, debugging tapping interface
controller lock machine, Chinese interface parameters, angle follow other functions,
powerful development tools complete.
The forward-backward knife rest (Y1 shaft) movement, up-down knife rest (Z shaft)
movement, forward-backward end pressure (Y2 shaft) movement are controlled by
CNC system, AC servo motor, ball screw drive
1. Our guarantee time is 13 months from shipment date. If any component is damaged
during guarantee time, we can send the component to the customer by DHL, TNT freely.
2. Our factory can send our engineer to the customer’s factory install, commission and
training freely. The customer provide the double trip tickets, food and accommodation for
our engineer.The customer can send the engineer to our factory to learn the operation
and maintains freely.
3. Our factory provide the service for the customer forever, if the customer need
operation help,can contact us by MSN, Skype, Email and Telephone at any time,
we provide 24 hours on-lineservice.
Machine picture:
Hydraulic Sheet Metal Grooving Machine CNC V Groove Cutting Tool 0.4Mpa - 0.6Mpa 1