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Sheet Groove Cutter CNC V Grooving Machine Sheet Metal Notcher Double Head Drive

Sheet Groove Cutter CNC V Grooving Machine Sheet Metal Notcher Double Head Drive

  • High Light

    cnc grooving machine


    v groove cutting machine

  • Clamping Type
    Adopt Compressed Air To Clmaping Sheet
  • Name
    Sheet Metal V Notching Machine/CNC V Grooving Machine
  • Lubrication
    Automatic Lubricating
  • Blade Number
    3 Set High Speed Steel And 3 Sets Alloy Blade
  • Fearture
    Double Direction Cutting Groove.
  • Worktable
    Narrow Worktable For Cut Thedoor Panel
  • Cutting Shape
    V Type Groove
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    Min. 1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 40'GPx1
  • Delivery Time
    30 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C or , T/T
  • Supply Ability
    5 set every month

Sheet Groove Cutter CNC V Grooving Machine Sheet Metal Notcher Double Head Drive

Sheet Groove Cutter CNC V Grooving Machine Sheet Metal Notcher Double Head Drive


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CNC V grooving machine Characteristics:


The SBC V groove machine is used to make a slotting on the sheet metal

to get the sharp edge angle after bending , the machine adopt precision

ball screw and linear guide way as its transmission, and has high machining

accuracy, so it is particularly significant for high class-products. This structure

is universally used on relevant equipment in foreign countries.

the Grooving machine is subject to three axis controlling. Its axis X( longitudinal

movement of knife rack), axis Y (transversal movement of rear feeding unit) and

axis Z(vertical movement of knife rack) are all subject to servo control, it can realize

full automatic machining after parameter are set up to improving the accuracy

of groove.the transport ball screw is multiple-thread structure with precise machining.

It is character with many force bearing point, reasonable stress distribution

and reliable drive.clamping system adopt the hydraulic system to drive,

large pressure,reliable fastening force. Lowe noise and small energy consumption.

the rear feeding unit is driven by double screw structure and its surface has high

positioning accuracy.

the guild way of knife rack is made of cast iron. it have abrasion resistance and

have repair function to prolong the service life.

the NC program is reasonably designed and easy to learn to learn. the equipment

can realize automatic machining after the parameters are input. there are multiple

interlocking safeguard measure for safe operation.


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Describle  of  4m CNC V groove cutting machine:


CNC sheet V grooving machine is mainly used in aluminum and stainless steel V slot

processing before metal bending. The machine makes the work piece

not only keep the original rigidity but also overcome the great round

and flat surface defects of change in the common bending. The machine

is widely used in architectural decoration, shipping, furniture, elevator,

the kitchen equipment industry and so on.

The equipment adopts the big pitched ball screw and high torque servo

motors as the main drive, which makes knives more stable and faster when

processing. The worktable of high strong plate as the surface makes the

work pieces not easy to wear in machining. A panel with the adjustable

fuselage during the work piece activities makes the point to every bit

precision in 0.02 mm.

Machine interface programming allows the operating personnel easy to

understand and locate accurately. Incoming materials use all the pressur

pneumatic control; it makes the energy conservation and environmental

protection concepts true. Equipments' overall modeling is concise and

beautiful, in line with the world people's aesthetic standard.

Sheet V Groover advantage :


Environment-friendly self-lubricating design, low-friction controller.

Equal load in four directions

High-precision, maintenance free

High-speed and low noise,

Slide block is interchangeable

International standard specifications,

Full oil seal

High-rigid in four lines of steel balls

Smooth function and novel circulation

Standard Configuration for CNC V groover:

Blade material alloy blade
cnc control system HUST H6D
Electrical parts Schneider
pneumatic compenents AIRTAC Germany
servo motor DELTA  Taiwang
inverter DELTA Taiwang
communication cable IGC Germany
ball screw HIWIN Taiwang
linear guide HIWIN Taiwang
cooling system Beiqier
motor SEW Germany

 Parameter of 4m CNC sheet V grooving machine:

The Max. width of the slotting plate 2800mm
The Max. length of the slotting plate 4000mm
The Max. thickness of slotting plate 3mm
The Min. thickness of slotting plate 0.6mm
The Max. distance of rear feeding unit 1200mm
The Min. unit of front& back moving the rear feeding unit 0.01mm
The Max. speed of rear feeding unit 800-2000mm/min
The Max. distance of up& down moving for knife rack 100mm
The Min. unit of up& down moving for knife rack 0.01mm
The Max. distance of left& right moving for knife rack 4300mm
The Max. speed of moving for knife rack 60mm/min
Straightness error in 4000mm long ±0.10mm
The positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Features of GBC V groove machine products list
  Model Overall dimension
1 1220X3200 4800x2200x2100mm
2 2800x4000 5600x2200x2100mm
3 1220x5000 6600x2200x2100mm
4 1220x6000 7600x2200x2100mm

Quality Guarantee from sheet V grooving machine manufacturer:
Since press brake machine reached the agreed destination, its main parts will be
guaranteedwithin one year or 1000 hours (subject to the earlier mature term).
We take charge of all troubles caused by plate rolling machine's fault and repair
according to the regulation
stipulated by original plants. Factors not accordance with the regulation of original
plantssuch as daily consumed components, wrong operating, lack of maintenance
are not included in the quality guarantee.
the clamp unit of CNC V grooving machine:
 Sheet Groove Cutter CNC V Grooving Machine Sheet Metal Notcher Double Head Drive 0
 Sheet Groove Cutter CNC V Grooving Machine Sheet Metal Notcher Double Head Drive 1