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High Efficiency Manual Guillotine Shear Guillotine Sheet Metal Cutter

High Efficiency Manual Guillotine Shear Guillotine Sheet Metal Cutter

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    cnc guillotine shearing machine


    sheet metal guillotine shear

  • Name
    Standard Steel Sheet Shear Machine/hydraulic Guillotine Shear
  • Application
    Steel Structure Industries
  • Hardness Of Blade
    HRC 58
  • Power Of Machine
  • Blade Material
    96Si Or 6CrW2si
  • Balde Adjusting
    Manual By Hand Wheel
  • Place of Origin
    WUXI China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: 20'GPX1,
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

High Efficiency Manual Guillotine Shear Guillotine Sheet Metal Cutter

High Efficiency Manual Guillotine Shear Guillotine Sheet Metal Cutter


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16x3200mm sheet shearing machine Introduction

  • This plate guilloine shear machine adopts steel plate welding structure , have high strength
  • and good durability.
  • The frame is entirely welded with steel plates, and treated to relive stress
  • by tempering.
  • Hydraulic drive, return of knife beam is smooth and prompt by nitrogen cylinder.
  • The portable and prompt adjustment of the blades gap and the value of gap are
  • indicated by digital, convenient and fast. Equipped with lighting-alignment, so as to
  • align when shearing. The stroke of knife beam can be adjusted in stepless mode.
  • Protection fence to ensure the operation safety.
  • Digital display device for size of back gauge and shearing times available.
  • The rectangular monoblock blades featuring long life with 4 cutting edges,
  • quality high-carbon high-chrome blades D2 quality.
  • European key electrics and Hydraulic Valves Advanced integral hydraulic system
  • with good reliablity-Imported from Germany.

3200mm widht sheet cutting machine character

1. Sheet plate welded structure is adopted, with hydraulic transmission

and accumulator return, typical of an easy operation, reliable performance,

and nice appearance.
2. Indication by indicator is provided for adjustment of blade clearance,

for a handy and prompt adjustment.
3. Alignment device with lighting and control device for shearing stoke bar

and to reduce frictional resistance.
4.  Rolling material support ball is provided, to minimize fish tail with sheet bar

and to reduce frictional resistance.
5. The rear stopper is fitted with electric adjustment and manual adjustment devices,

and digital device is available for display if size of stopper and times of shearing
6.  The rear stopper is fitted with coder and digital display system,

So that the position of rear stopper is displayed more accurately, thus to further

enhance the shearing precision if this machine.


20mm thickness sheet shearing machine parameter

High Efficiency Manual Guillotine Shear Guillotine Sheet Metal Cutter 0


hudraulic plate shear Specification



guillotine shear











Back gauge










QC11Y-6X2500 4X2500 0.5°-2° ≥12 20-600 7.5 5410 3170x1620x2010
QC11Y-6X3200 6X3200 0.5°-2° ≥9 20-600 7.5 6750 3870x1670x2010
QC11Y-6X4000 6X4000 0.5°-2° ≥10 20-600 11 8800 4690x1670x2075
QC11Y-8X2500 8X2500 0.5°-2° ≥11 20-600 11 6245 3170x1640x2000
QC11Y-8X3200 8X3200 0.5°-2° ≥10 20-600 11 7365 3880x1670x2000
QC12Y-12X2500 12X2500 0.5°-2° ≥8 20-800 15 8000 3195x1700x2125
QC11Y-12X3200 12X3200 0.5°-2° ≥8 20-800 18.5 11590 3895x1860x2290
QC11Y-12X4000 12X4000 0.5°-2.5° ≥8 20-800 22 14000 4800x2100x2460
QC11Y-16X2500 16X2500 0.5°-3° ≥7 20-800 22 10800 3235x1950x2345
QC11Y-16X3200 16X3200 0.5°-2.5° ≥7 20-800 22 13150 3925x2000x2350
QC11Y-20X3200 20X3200 0.5°-2.5° ≥6 20-1000 30 18000 4005x2250x2470
QC11Y-20X2500 20X2500 0.5°-3° ≥6 20-1000 30 14800 3355x2220x2470
QC11Y-25X2500 8X4000 0.5°-3° ≥5 20-1000 45 22100 3975x2400x2210
QC11Y-8X6000 8X6000 0.5°-2° ≥7 20-800 22 23850 7315x2435x2965


Stanrdard Equipment

  • Powered Back gauge X-axis
  • Ball screws & Polished rod with 0,05mm accuracy.
  • Squaring Arm and Front Support Arms
  • Italy hydraulic valve ATOS
  • Germany EMB Tubing connector
  • Germany Siemens Main Motor
  • Tele mecanique/Schneider Electrics
  • Hydraulic &Electrical overload protection
  • Cutting Line Illumination and wire for shadow line cutting
  • Top blade with two cutting edges and bottom blade with four cutting edges.(6CrW2Si)

After Sale Service


Quality Guarantee:2 year

We could provide video instruction and engineers oversea service.

And if there is anything wrong with the machine after the warranty, we could offer you the fittings of the machine with cost price.


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