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100 Ton Pneumatic Power Press Equipment Punching Sheet Metal

100 Ton Pneumatic Power Press Equipment Punching Sheet Metal

  • High Light

    Power Press equipment


    mechanical power presses

  • Press Body
    Welded Frame With Annealing
  • Name
    High Performace Press Machine/power Press Machine
  • Clutch And Brake
    Pneumatic Type
  • Eloectrial Control System
    PLC Control
  • Model
  • Air Cushion
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: ,20'OTx1
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

100 Ton Pneumatic Power Press Equipment Punching Sheet Metal

100 Ton Pneumatic Power Press Equipment Punching Sheet Metal

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JH21 Series High Precision Presses is one of the new generation of plate process

and developed by our company ,The press is for cutting, punching, blanking, bending

and light stretching work.

C-Type Steel-welded frame, high rigidity and less deformation Compact, wide body

frame eliminating vibration for improved die life and machine.

Rigid construction guarantees exact die mating, Six-side long rectangle guides of

the slide with high moving precision and high accuracy, extending the service life of the die.

Highly advanced, rigidly supported gears, operate in oil bath without any noise

saves space, reduces, shaft deflection, increases gear life.

High accuracy, high efficiency, simple and convenient operation, good performance,

favorable price and best service.


Transmission Control And Brake System:


.The Press adopts the low inertia combined dry pneumatic friction clutch and brake

from OMPI, Italy,

Smoother press performance, easier maintenance, to ensure reliable safety and

flexible action, Iow noise,long service life.

Driving gear is installed into the frame and gear is immersed in oil reservoir.

Customer could choose

Electromagnetic governor. which is stepless speed regulation within a certain range

and enlarge the area of craft

The press adopts hexahedral rectangle lengthen gibe, which has high guiding

precision and steady precision.

PLC from Omron electrical control system allows various auto-equipment reprogrammed

according to different requirements and perform various functions, to ensure

high reliability and high adaptability,

Use adopts dual valve from TACO, Japan, which can guarantee the safety and

reliability of clutch.

Machine is with both hands button and foot switch to achieve continuous, single

and inching practices.


Standard accessories& optional accessories:


Standard accessories Optional accessories
1. Hydraulic overload protection device.
2. Manual type, electric type lubricating device.
3. Electric slide adjusting device ,above JH-60(inclusive).
4. Manual slide adjusting device ,the following JH-45(including) .
5. The electric modulus and high display, above JH-60(containing).
6. Mechanical die height indicator ,the following JH-45(including).
7. Slider and die balance device.
8. The rotary cam controller
9. Intelligent travel counter.
10. The shockproof rubber cushion or mechanical foot slider expected device.
11. The slider expected device.
12. The main motor reversing device.
13. The operating instructions.

1. Pneumatic die cushion lifting device.

2. Photoelectric safety device.
3. Mould lighting device.
4. Preload counter.
5. Preset counter.
6. Preset counter.
7. Check lower dead point device.
8. The foot operated switch.
9. For mold ,mold clamp or mold moving arm.
10. Feeding machine, feeder, leveling machine.
11. Electronic crank angle display.
12. Air source socket.
13. The air blowing device.
14. The variable frequency variable speed motor.
15. The fault detecting device.
16. The power supply socket.
17. Maintenance tools and tool kit.


Technical Parameter:


Item Unit JH21-125B JH21-160B
Nominal Pressure kN 1250 1600
Nominal Pressure Stroke mm 5 6
Slide Stroke mm 150 160

No. of Strokes per minute
Fixed SPM 50 50
Variable SPM 30-60 30-60
Max.Die Height mm 380 400
Die Height Adjustment mm 90 110
Throat Depth mm 370 380
Bolster Surface F.B. mm 700 740
L.R. mm 1200 1300
Thickness of Bolster mm 160 165
Slide Surface Size F.B. mm 520 580
L.R. mm 630 800
Stemhole mm Φ50X85 Φ65X90
Distance between Uprights mm 680 780
Height of the top surface of bed from floor level mm 900 900
Optional Cushion Pressure kN 100 145
  Stroke mm 70 80
Main Motor Model   Y160M-4 Y160L-4
Power kW 11 15
Slide Motor Model   YPE500-4Z YPE750-4Z
Power kW 0.5 0.75
Overall Dimension F.B. mm 2026 2200
L.R. mm 1500 1500
Height mm 3320 3680
Gross Weight kg 10950 13200


Our Service:


Our provide oriented after-sales service including the oversea engineers

trainning available and also international dealer center for any emergency guidance.

We have established worldwide network to guarantee our timely response for your

any demand no matter where are you.
We welcome engineers from your side to learn the technical design and normal

maintenance here,this will help your easy in understanding and helpful if you

need to be our dealer.
However,don't worry,we have our company own CD/Manual to show you along

with the machine.So you can learn this from the existing docments to deepen

your knowledge and understanding.
Anyhow there are another way is through internet video face to face for machine

teaching, because of the high development in internet,the world has become smaller

and you can easy contact us if any assistance needed.
Through all the ways,we will guarantee the service quality and ensure you will be

well helped anytime anywhere


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