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12m Galvanized Light Pole Shut Welding Machine / Automatic Seam Welding Machine

12m Galvanized Light Pole Shut Welding Machine / Automatic Seam Welding Machine

  • High Light

    seam welding equipment


    longitudinal seam welding machine

  • Product Name
    Light Pole Seam Welding Machine
  • Application
    Pole And Steel Tube
  • Welding Speed
    1500mm Per Minute
  • Welding Wire
  • Clmaping Machine
  • Origin
  • Packing
    Nude Packing
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  • Brand Name
  • Certification
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet with plastic cover.
  • Delivery Time
    According to the requirement of order
  • Payment Terms
    T/T or L/C
  • Supply Ability
    2 sets per month

12m Galvanized Light Pole Shut Welding Machine / Automatic Seam Welding Machine

12m Galvanized Light Pole shut Welding Machine / Automatic Seam Welding Machine



Product  Processing of light pole shut welding:


Complete set street light pole production line
The complete line are used in light pole, flag pole, high mass pole, advertisement pole,

signal tower, electricity power pole, wind generate electricity pole, large diameters tube

manufacturing, railway, highway, communication, making car, shop, spherical tank,

steel structure, steel structure workshop and so on.

Complete line Working Flow:
1. Steel coil decoiling, leveling and cutting to length required.
2. Steel plate bevel cutting to trapezoidal shape.
3. Plate bending on press brake to pole shape
4. Pole gap seaming and welding
5. Pole straightening
6. Pole bending
7. Lamp door cutting
8. Hot dip galvanized
9. Light pole polishing
10. Light pole painting spraying machine


Step 1: Decoiling & cut to length:

Cut to length line is used for decoiling, leveling & cutting to sheet with different length,

PLC control,fully automatic production line.

Technical parameter of polygon light pole shut welding machine:

Model Material thickness

Coil width


Coil weight










1400 0.3-2.0/2.0-8.0 300-1250 12 200-3000 0-60 ~25x4
1600 0.5-3.0/3.0-8.0 300-1500 25 200-4000 0-60 ~30x4
2100 6-20 600-2000 35 200-8000 0-60 ~35x6

Step 2: Steel plate bevel cutting to trapezoidal shape
Bevel cutting machine is used for Steel plate bevel cutting to trapezoidal shape, This machine

is suitable for the plate cutting processing specially the long plate.
Technical data of round cone light poel welding machine

Name Unit Value
bevel cut thickness mm 3-12
Max. plate width mm 2000
Max. bevel cut width mm 2000
Max. length mm 12000 or 14000
(according requirements)
Bevel cut speed m/min. 12
Motor power kw 5.5+5.5
Overall dimension 40x3m( for 12m light pole),
or 46x3m( for 14m light pole)

Step 3: Tandem hydraulic press brake
This machine is combined by two sets of press brake. Tandem achieve synchronization

working. Dies of Tandem Hydraulic Press Brake, upper dies and lower dies.

Step 4: Longitudinal seam welding machine
This machine is used for light pole auto welding, max length 14m..There are submerged-arc

welding, carbon dioxide arc welding two functions.This machine usually used to welding

polygon,round, and taper light pole.

Technical data

1 Welding diameter range 60-500mm
2 Max. welding length 14000mm
3 Material car length 1500mm
4 Welding thickness Light pole diameter: 60~500mm
Light pole diameter: 250~500mm
Light pole diameter: 400~500mm
5 Oil pump motor power 4+2.5 KW double pumps
6 Draw car motor power 4 KW frequency conversion, speed adjustable
7 Welding machine

630A submerged-arc welding & carbon dioxide arc


copper coil structure, not easy to oxidize, has long

service life.
Option: Lincoln welding machine

8 Welding wire diameter Can choose different diameters as per light pole thickness
9 Running speed

1.1~2m/min, stepless adjust, speed changes

when thickness is different

10 Weight 8000 kg
11 Overall dimension 24000x2900x4000 mm

Step 5: Light pole straightener
The equipment is used to straightening street light pole after welding.

Technical data

Name Unit Value
Light pole max. diameter mm 400
Light pole min. diameter mm 58
Nominal working press KN 630
Worktable length mm 3000
Wallboard distance mm 840
Throat depth mm 420
Oil cylinder stroke mm 400
Max. open height mm 510
Motor oil pump Rotate speed r/min 1440
Power KW 7.5
Overall dimension Length mm 3000
Width mm 1260
Heath mm 2230
Weight Kg 3000

Step 6: pole bending
According light pole bending design, the user can make bending tools, with winch,

it can do light pole bending process, as followings.

Step 7: CNC light pole door cutting machine
Technical data

No. Item Parameter
1 Max. cutting length

2500mm (for once cutting)
Note: the cutting gun stand is moving type,

so, move the dolly, it can cut any length pole

or pipe.

2 Light pole min. diameter 58
3 Light pole max. diameter 300, customized as per customer's needs
4 Plasma power Hyperthermia POWERMAX65
5 Cutting thickness As per plasma configuration
6 Max. cutting edge thickness 25mm, as per plasma configuration
7 Cutting speed Usually 30-40s for one door cutting
8 Motor Servo motor
9 Power 1.5kw, 1500rmp
10 CNC system ADTECH HC4300
11 Control shaft 2 axis, X,Z
12 Plasma cutting gun 1 set
13 arc voltage height-regulating device

Portable CNC Plasma Torch Controller,


14 Software 1, Chinese
15 Temperature 0-45ºC
16 Humidity <90%, no condensation
17   Ventilation, no big shake
18 Input voltage Single phase,220V, 50HZ
Three phases, 380V, 50HZ

Step 8: Hot dip galvanized

Step 9: Light pole polishing
Before painting, the street light poles should be polished.

Step 10: Light pole painting spraying machine

Machine photo of street light pole shut welding machine:



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