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340mm Light Pole Welding Machine Steel Pipe Welding Machine

340mm Light Pole Welding Machine Steel Pipe Welding Machine

  • High Light

    steel pipe welding machine


    longitudinal seam welding machine

  • Product Name
    Steel Tube Welding Machine
  • Application
    Light Pole Producing
  • Certificate
    ISO 9001-2008
  • Worktable Length
  • Feeding Device
    Pulling Dolly
  • Origin
  • Current
    Alternating Current
  • Weld Diameter
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet with plastic cover.
  • Delivery Time
    According to the requirement of order
  • Payment Terms
    T/T or L/C
  • Supply Ability
    2 sets per month

340mm Light Pole Welding Machine Steel Pipe Welding Machine

340mm Light Pole Welding Machine Steel Pipe Welding Machine





This machine composed by main machine head , tractive dolly and feeding shelf.

High reliability, automatic adjustable welding wire machine is through the digital time,

pressure, power, temperature, arc and preciseness of the CCD video capture, ensure

that each solder joint and the welding arc to achieve the ideal effect.

This machine adopt multiple wire submerged arc welding, solder was reclaimed automatic.

Welding line was symmetrical and slinky. It has strong filter,forming one time,and be with

high welding efficiency. The speed of welding achieve 2 to 3 meters per minutes,is about 3

times of the gas welding .

The cost of the welding is lower than gas weldong. It is with speedy welding ,high efficiency,

and lowest price in China light poles industry now.



This machine adopts submerged arc welding without luminous welding speed is quick.

It is easy and quick for the polygon pole with manual adjustment; Welding power is from

shanghai welding factory; the welding is continuous and beautiful and also with strong

penetration; From in one time; The welding efficiency is high and the speed is 1 to

3 meters per minute; It is three times to the gas shielded welding; The welding cost is

less than gas shielded arc welding; It is the fastest and lowest price equipment;

1 semi-automatic submerged arc welding production lines widely used in all kinds of

steel pipe; round-and-cone; polygon-high poles such as the welding seam sheet;

2; Using submerged arc welding; surface smooth; non-polluting; non-luminous;

open-length welding; welding speed 2-3m/min; With high-speed welding; less investment

and savings wire; a particularly low price; the advantages of simple operation;


SN Item Value Unit
1 Welding length 16 Meter
2 Welding thickness 3~12 mm
3 Welding Diameter 60~500 mm
4 Welding current 630 A
5 Welding Speed 1~2 m/min


Length 23000 mm
Wigth 2900 mm
Hight 4000 mm
7 G.W. 8000 kg




Light pole seam close-welding machine:LPW-340/16000
This machine is used to welding light pole column after bending. It will close the pole seam

and weld the seam automatically.This is one unit machine in whole light pole production line.
The machine has hydraulic station,welding system,pulling trolley and machine body etc.
Through the hydraulic station,the power will push cyliner.the extension of cyliner will close

the 8 sets of clamping wheels by chain to finish closing seam.Same time,the pull trolley will

pull the light pole to move forward and welding system to weld seam automatically.
For welding system,there are two welding functions, submerge welding+CO2 protection welding.

The user can choose anyone of them and easy to change.





Workable Diameter 60-500mm,
Workable length 12000 mm
Suitable light pole Thickness Light pole diameter: 60~500mm 2.8~4mm
Light pole diameter: 250~500mm 2.8~6mm
Light pole diameter: 400~500mm 2.8~8mm
Power of Motor for Pump 4+2.5 KW double pump

Power of Motor for pulling dolly


4 KW, AC speed changeable type.


Welding Machine

630A, (Submerged Arc Welding and Gas-shielded welding(CO2) Welding

Option: Lincoln welding machine

Welding wire diameter


1.6~2mm welding wire, according the pole thickness to do selection
Working Speed 1.1~2m/min (Note: different thickness speed will be different)
Gross weight 8000 kg
Overall sizes (mm) 23000x2900x4000 mm



Machine photo:


340mm Light Pole Welding Machine Steel Pipe Welding Machine 0

340mm Light Pole Welding Machine Steel Pipe Welding Machine 1