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Narrow Type Stable Sheet Metal Press Brake Machine 10' Metal Forming Brakes

Narrow Type Stable Sheet Metal Press Brake Machine 10' Metal Forming Brakes

  • High Light

    metal sheet bender machine


    electric sheet metal brake

  • Name
    Plate Press Brake Machine
  • Character
    Stable Operation System
  • Operating System
    Esa S-530 System
  • Worktable Type
    Narrow Type
  • Tooling
    Secton Gooseneck Punching And Multi-V Bottom Die
  • Back Gauge
    Aluminum Alloy Type
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet and wooden case container: ,20'OTx1
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

Narrow Type Stable Sheet Metal Press Brake Machine 10' Metal Forming Brakes

Press Brake for Sale Sheet Metal Press Brake Machine 10' metal forming brakes


the bendign angle process from the hydraulic press brake machine, CNC sheet press brake and plate beding machine



  1. Designed for sheet metal press brake production-oriented shops, this numerically-controlled
  2. the bend degree of press brake machine for efficient rangs. Its steel frame prevents deformation on heavy gauges.
  3. 10 gauge mild steel and 12 gauge stainless steel maximum capacity.
  4. Adjusts to the thickness of the material you’re bending.
  5. You can dial in a programmed bend in manual or semi-automatic mode.
  6. Degree adjustment auto-stop ensures exact repeatability.
  7. Easy-to-use machine does all of the following:
  8. Clamps the material at the beam,
  9. Lifts the leaf to the pre-programmed bend,
  10. Opens the beam when the bend is complete.
  11. Operate the machine through the console toggle or the foot pedal controls.
  12. Comes with 26 hardened fingers in assorted sizes (6 of 3", 4 of 4", 10 of 5", 6 of 6") that you
  13. the bending machine can adjust for different box and pan applications.
  14. Industrial-grade hydraulics drive the bend plate.
  15. 2-axis numerically-controlled back gauge lets you control the distance between bends efficiently and reduces human error.
  16. CNC press brake machine adjustable bending speed and clamping pressure adjustment let you fit a given material and project.



No. Name Data Unit
1 Nominal pressure 125 ton
2 Length of worktable 4000 Mm
·3 Stroke of Ram 200 Mm
4 Max. Open Height 490 Mm
5 Throat Depth 430 Mm
6 Distance between Housing 3100 Mm
7 Axis controlled Y1,Y2, X ,Rand V  
8 Back gauge’s stroke 600 Mm
9 Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 4250x2140x02870 Mm



Downward speed 100 Mm/s

Working speed


8.5 Mm/s

Returning speed


75 Mm/s
11 Power of Motor 7.5 KW
12 Weight 113000 kg
13 Front support arms 2 piece



  1. the CNC press brake WE67K-300/4000 are servo-proportional driven machines wit micro-electronics ensuring perfect control of the bending process. The position, speed and pressing force of the Ram are controlled in a closed circuit at every point in the work cycle. The position of the Ram is controlled by two digital high precision linear scales.
  2. The CNC press brake's linear scales are mounted on a independent C-frame on both side of the machine to prevent deformation of the Press Frame for accurate bending depth or bending angle.

Components List:


No. Item QTY Remarks
1 CNC Controller 1set ESA S-530
2 Servo Motor and Drive 1set Yaskawa Japan
4 Hydraulics 1set Rexroth Germany
5 Ball Screw 2 pcs HIWIN, Taiwan
6 Linear Way 2 pcs HIWIN, Taiwan
7 Hydraulic Fittings 1set PARKER,USA
8 Hydraulic Seals 1set Japan NOK
9 Linear Scale 2 pcs Heidenhain,Germany
10 Electric Components 1set Schneider

Optional equipment:
1. Control of additional axis like X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1 and Z2
2. Delem 65, 66, 69 and Cybelec 80, 1200, Modeva Series
3. Larger throat gap, higher daylight opening etc...
4. light curtain or  laser protection device
5. Additional back gauge universal finger blocks
6. Central motorised lubrication system

Our Service:

  1. we can send our engineer to your site and do the training for your men. you will only bear the cost for our engineer's air ticket,visa,accormadation,food and transpotaion in your country
  2. You can send your men to our factory. we will teach them how to operate the machine with no training charges
  3. Actually there is another cheap and easy way to choose. every machine leave our factory
  4. with one book of operation manual. You can first read through the manaul,and get familiar
  5. with the machine. Then we can get a video call,and teach you on-line how to operate the machine.
  6. Apart from above training course,we also provide 2 year warranty for all the easily broken part of the macine

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