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Automatic Cutting Hydraulic Metal Shear CNC Front Feeding For Metal Process

Automatic Cutting Hydraulic Metal Shear CNC Front Feeding For Metal Process

  • High Light

    hydraulic plate shearing machine


    hydraulic cnc shearing machine

  • Name
    Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shear/hydraulic Shearing Machine
  • Application
    Metal Sheet Cutting
  • Working Model
    Automatic Cutting
  • Control System
    DAC-360 System
  • Fedding Rang
    2500mm Long
  • Balde Materail
    Cr12Mov Or H13
  • Place of Origin
    WUXI China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    pallet with plastic cover
  • Delivery Time
    30 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T or L/C

Automatic Cutting Hydraulic Metal Shear CNC Front Feeding For Metal Process

Hydraulic Metal Shear CNC Front Feeding hydraulic Shearing Machine Shearing Metal


we are producing hydraulic shearing machine,press brake machine,tandem press brake machine,CNC press brake/guillotine shear machine



The machine used is called a squaring shear, power shear, or guillotine. The machine may

be foot powered (or less commonly hand powered), or mechanically or hydraulically powered.

It works by first clamping the material with a ram. A moving blade then comes down across a

fixed blade to shear the material. For larger shears the moving blade may be set on an angle

or "rocked" in order to shear the material progressively from one side to the other; this angle

is referred to as the shear angle. This decreases the amount of force required, but increases

the stroke. A 5 degree shear angle decreases the force by about 20%. The amount of energy

used is still the same. The moving blade may also be inclined 0.5 to 2.5°, this angle is called

the rake angle, to keep the material from becoming wedged between the blades, however it

compromises the squareness of the edge.[4] As far as equipment is concerned, the machine

consists of a shear table, work-holding device, upper and lower blades, and a gauging device.

The shear table is the part of the machinery that the workpiece rests on while being sheared.

The work-holding device is used to hold the workpiece in place and keep it from moving or

buckling while under stress. The upper and lower blades are the piece of machinery that actually

do the cutting, while the gauging device is used to ensure that the workpiece is being cut where

it is supposed to be.
The design of press tools is an engineering compromise. A sharp edge, strength and durability

are ideal, however a sharp edge is not very strong or durable so blades for metal work tend to

be square-edged rather than knife-edged. Typical workpiece materials include aluminum, brass,

 bronze, and mild steel because of their outstanding shearability ratings, however, stainless steel

is not used as much due to its tendencies to work-harden.
Other types of geometrical possibilities include the squaring shear, angle shear, bow-tie shear

and bar shear. All of these have many different uses and are all used regularly in certain

manufacturing fields.




our CNC control can automate manual processes such as setting your backgauge position,

stroke length and blade gap, and can store cutting programs that you create, allowing for

exceptional speed and accuracy tailored to your needs. Each program can accept 20 steps,

and 200 programs can be stored at one time. This CNC control can also be operated in a

manual mode if so desired.

the CNC front feeding hydraulic shear equip the automatic feeding table,.

the feeding position is control by the CNC system DAC-360.

the clamping on the front feeding table press by the pneumatic clamp

quality shears main machine

feaading accurately and clamping reliable.

professional CNC system to control feeding device,easy to operate.

the front feeding platorm adopts rolling ball screw to reduce the resistance of the fed

and to avoid scratch the surface of the worktable.

Hydraulic transmission,swing blade holder
Strong and durable integral welded frame
Stable and rapid return stroke of oil cylinder by accumulator
Adjustable (full/shorter)stroke
Hand-wheel adjustment of gap between the upper and lower blades
Computer numerical control system and position coder form a closed ring control system
DAC310 control system ensures great speed,high accuracy and good stability





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2. OEM Accepted: We can produce any your request design.

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Technical parameter:







Main machine Shear size mm 6x2500 6x3200
Shear angle Deg. 1.5° 1.5°
Cutting number Min-1 14 14
Motor power KW 7.5 7.5
Front feeder Max. strokes mm 2500 3000
Positioning precision mm ±0.10/300 ±0.10/300
Qty. of gripper   7 7
Pressure of air supply Mpa 0.6 0.6
Overall dimensions (LXWXH) mm 4990x3290x1730 5650x400x1730
Weight KG 9155 11500




During the production we arrange the samples lot as per the customer requirement,

then we send the samples photo and samples to the customer to approval.

After the production finish we send the samples to customer to check, after customer

approval we ship the goods to the customer.

After customer received the goods we check and take the necessary follow-up with

the customer in order to solve some small mistakes in next lot.



Quality Guarantee:

Since press brake machine reached the agreed destination, its main parts will be

guaranteedwithin one year or 1000 hours (subject to the earlier mature term).

We take charge of all troubles caused by plate rolling machine's fault and repair

according to the regulation
stipulated by original plants. Factors not accordance with the regulation of original

plantssuch as daily consumed components, wrong operating, lack of maintenance

are not included in the quality guarantee.



Machine picture:


Automatic Cutting Hydraulic Metal Shear CNC Front Feeding For Metal Process 0

Automatic Cutting Hydraulic Metal Shear CNC Front Feeding For Metal Process 1
 Automatic Cutting Hydraulic Metal Shear CNC Front Feeding For Metal Process 2