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6m Hydraulic Bending Sheet Press Brake CNC 45kw Easy Operation High Productivity

6m Hydraulic Bending Sheet Press Brake CNC 45kw Easy Operation High Productivity

  • High Light

    mechanical press brake


    Steel Plate Bending Machine

  • Name
    Large Hydraulic Bending Machine/CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine
  • Application
    Thick Metal Sheet
  • Style
    Hydraulic Drive
  • Function
    Bend Angle And Circle
  • Upper Punching
    Shiftable Die Head
  • Structure
    Steel Frame With Welding And Screw Connecting
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE and ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    nude packing and pallet packing
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

6m Hydraulic Bending Sheet Press Brake CNC 45kw Easy Operation High Productivity

6m Sheet Press Brake CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine For Sales Bending Tool



Distribution: auotmatic CNC hydraulic press brake machine/ CNC Hydraulic shearing machine


Steel plate press brake machine Fearture

Single press brakes are available with bed lengths up to 54 feet, capacities to 2000 tons. These

are not merely theoretical specifications. They represent advanced press brakes that are working

in plants today. These machines of unprecedented length offer the same advantages that shorter

length advanced press brakes provide: productivity, repeatability, long-term reliability, and the

flexibility to meet changing requirements. Tandem press brakes are available with overall bed

lengths up to 60 feet. They can be operated together to form long parts, or they can be

operated independently to maximize machine usage.

The changeover from tandem 0peration to independent operation can be completed in a matter

of seconds.

we offers a variety of options to customize these machines: increased closed height, increased

stroke, deeper throats and permanently widened beds and rams. We manufacture the machine

to meet your specific requirement.


Steel structure press brakeTechnical Parameter:

Type Hydraulic CNC electro-hydraulic synchro press brake
Working force 500 T
Length of table 7000 mm
distance between frames 5600 mm
Throat depth 600 mm
Open height 760 mm
Stroke 320mm
Speed Idle down 90mm/s
Working 9mm/s
return 90mm/s
support arm offer two support arms
Main motor 45kw
CNC system Type: DA-52s Delem Co., Netherlands
Control Axis:Y1,Y2,X and V
(crowned compensation)
Tool With 1 punching and 1 bottom die
Main Electric Elements in cabinet Schneider or Siemens
Seal in the cylinders NOK, Japan
Gross weight 65000 kg
Overall sizes(mm) LxWxH 7150x3280x5300
Packing: Iron pallet With plastic cover
Delivery date 40days after sing the contract


Customer Succese Stoires for mechnical press brake machine


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mild steel bending machine Performance


The frame of cnc press brake machine is composed of tank, worktable, left and right housings

and ram. So it has high strength and good rigidity. Also it takes vibration to eliminate stress.
Synchronization working principal of this machine:Adopting electric-hydraulic proportional valve

to ensure the synchronization of this machine. The proportional valve is made by Bosch- Rexyoth

company with very good performance such as small friction between mechanic action pairs, fine

electronic amplifier and electric magnet with high controlling force and continuous action. There are

two raster displayers on both sides of machine to inspect the position of ram continuously and feed

back the signal to control system, then the control system will control electric-hydraulic valve to

make two cylinders synchronization on one machine. Because the raster displayers are installed

to “C” plates,not on housing plates directly, the deflection of ram and frame when working will not

effectitsmeasuring and controlling precision.
Through computer,the operator could communicate with machine. The computer has several

service language, calculate and adjust the bending force automatically. Also it could calculate and


the dead point, speed changing point. The strokes (Y1, Y2) of ram could make a small tilt to meet

the special requirement of user.
Equipped with good guiding system, position measuring system and hydraulic balance system to

meet the requirements of full length job and eccentric job.
Worktable compensation unit is adopted to make up for deflection of machine when working to

make sure the precision of work piece.
The back gauge is adoped ball screw ,the repeat position precision of X axis is ±0.06mm
The surface of cylinder has good wearing and heat treatment, so it has good lubrication and long

service life.
One set of universal tooling is suitable for the normal bending

Standard equipment

  • System intermedliate Upper clamps with Anti Wedges
  • Plate Support Arams with scale and stopper
  • Powered Depth X Axis
  • Backstop with ball screw
  • Top and Bottom Tooling 
  • DELEM DA52S CNC control
  • Germany Bosch-Rexroth Hydraulic
  • Telemecanique/Schneider Electrics
  • Hydraulic and Electrical overload protection  
  • Squaring Arm and Front Support Arms
  • Delta inverter with ball screw and polished rod with 0,05mm accuracy
  • Side guard is standard meeting CE regulations.

DA-52S System introduction


The compact DA-52s is a complete CNC solution for conventional as well as
synchronized press brakes.
Quick, one page programming
Hotkey navigation
7” VGA colour TFT
Up to 4 axes (Y1, Y2, and 2 auxiliary axes)
Crowning control
Tool/material/product library
USB, peripheral interfacing
Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed loop as well as open loop


Quality Guarantee of CNC bending machine:

Since press brake machine reached the agreed destination, its main parts will be

guaranteedwithin one year or 1000 hours (subject to the earlier mature term).

We take charge of all troubles caused by plate rolling machine's fault and repair

according to the regulation
stipulated by original plants. Factors not accordance with the regulation of original

plantssuch as daily consumed components, wrong operating, lack of maintenance

are not included in the quality guarantee


download brochure here

CNC hydraulic press brake machine.pdf


500ton press brake machine picture:
 6m Hydraulic Bending Sheet Press Brake CNC 45kw Easy Operation High Productivity 0
 5mm thickness stainless sheet bending for test by the inspector


6m Hydraulic Bending Sheet Press Brake CNC 45kw Easy Operation High Productivity 1

up punch and bottom die of 500T CNC press brake machine

6m Hydraulic Bending Sheet Press Brake CNC 45kw Easy Operation High Productivity 2