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12M Street Light Pole Metal Tools Auto Hydraulic Bending Press Brake Machinery

12M Street Light Pole Metal Tools Auto Hydraulic Bending Press Brake Machinery

  • High Light

    bending press brake


    shear press brake

  • Product Name
    Sheet Metal Bending Forming
  • Application
    Steel Structure
  • Condition
    New Machine
  • Type
    Forgeing Machine
  • Fabricate Time
    One Week
  • Feature
    Two Machines Work Together Or Individual Work
  • Model
  • Extra Service
    End Forming
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    iron pallet with plastic cover. container: 20'OTx2, 40'FRx4, 40'HQX2
  • Delivery Time
    According to the requirement of order
  • Payment Terms
    T/T or L/C
  • Supply Ability
    2 sets per month

12M Street Light Pole Metal Tools Auto Hydraulic Bending Press Brake Machinery

12M Street Light Pole Metal Tools Auto Hydraulic Bending Press Brake Machinery


Heavy steel pole press brake machine, double pump sheet bending machine


the plates of different thickness are to be bended on this CNC press brake machine, V type bottom

dies of different sizes must be selected and if top and bottom dies of different shapes are used,

work-pieces of different shapes can be bended (Fig.2.1). The bending values can be

selected according to the Table 2.1 “ Bending Force Chart” and the operational oil pressure

(indicated by the pressure gage) is adjusted according to the values checked to ensure the

bending force required.
This machine has a higher productivity and is an ideal shaping equipment for plates widely

used in the manufacturing industries of aircraft, automobile, shipbuilding, electrical appliance,

machinery and light industry.


The  Structure Of The Machine:


Welded steel plate, the frame consists of right and left wall boards, working table,

oil box, slot steel and etc. The stress of the welded parts can be eliminated by vibration.

The machine enjoys high accuracy and high strength and can be transported easily.


Hydraulic System:
The servo electric CNC press brake machine is equiped with special hydraulic system from BOSCH company

Germany with reliable performance. Motor, pump and valves are mounted on the oil tank to improve integration

and reduce noise. In order to ensure that the ram rapid move down, an internal oil filling valve

in cylinder is adopted to increase the moving speed of ram and compact the machine structure.


Synchro Control System:


The slide synchro system adopts steel torsion bar synchro system with very simple

structure.but very high accuracy. 2 ends of slide has 2 sychnro fork which make the

slides movement is always parallel to the working table. And this will make the movement

effect balanced during operation. The system uses upper die compensation to improve

the brake precision.


Press brake machineTechnical Data:




Hydraulic CNC electro-hydraulic synchro


Working force

400 Tx2


Length of table

7000 mmx2


distance between frames

5600 mm


Throat depth

1250 mm


Open height

1250 mm






2 /min-1


Main motor



CNC system

Type: DA-56 Delem Co., Netherlands

Control 3 Axis: Y1,Y2,X



With 1 punching and 1 bottom die


Main Electric Elements



Seal in the cylinders

NOK, Japan


Gross weight

89000 kgx2


Overall sizes(mm) LxWxH




With plastic cover

the machine should be disassembled for transport . it need three person and 15 days to install and testing.


 2x40’ GP,   2x20’OT



 provide the install and testing in your country


Delivery date

60 days


























CNC tandem electric press brake:

12M Street Light Pole Metal Tools Auto Hydraulic Bending Press Brake Machinery 0


Advance Technology And Procedures:


The press brake machinery is a kind of steel torsion bar sychnro brake, which is the third generation of

brake. Electronic control of back gauge and ram stroke, data displayed and precision

control by man. Hydraulic power cell construction is convenient to install, which limit the

oil route and connector quantity to minimize integrated hydraulic valve block. Block route

and wide range of speed control, work steadily.Process of cylinder and sealing component:

Cylinder: no.45# steel treated, inner holes fine machined and extruded.

Valve rods: no.45# steel treated, nickel and phosphorous coated outside.


Components Of Machine:


control system DA-56

 DELEM company from netherland

Seals in cylinder

NOK form Japan or SKF Austria

Hydraulic parts

Rexroth from Germany

Low noise gear pump

NACHI Japan or BOSH Germany

Electrical parts

Schneider from France

Solenoid valve

Rexroth from Germany

Servo motor

Yaskawa ,    Japan

Grating sensor

Heidehain Germany

Oil pipe connecting

EMB  Germany


Components List Of Pump Manifold

Item Description Designation Qty. Remark
1 Hydraulic Valve EST813 1 alpha
2 Cartridge vavle (NG16) 1818 509 246 1 BoschRexroth
3 Cover of cartridge valve (NG16) EST277 1 alpha
4 Proportional pressure valve 0811 402 016 1 BoschRexroth
5 Pressure valve 0811 104 113 1 BoschRexroth
6 Checking valve RK1 1 HAWE
7 Solenoid valve 4WE6Y6X 1 BoschRexroth
8 Orifice of port X (¢0.7 ) 1810 361 020 1 BoschRexroth
9 Orifice of port Y (¢1.0 ) 1810 361 019 1 BoschRexroth
10 High pressure oil filter 0455 403 045 1 BoschRexroth
11 Internal gear pump IPH-6B-100-11 1 NACHI
12 3-phase induction motor Y250M-4 B35 1  


here is a catalog of CNC tandem press brake machine

CNC multi machine tandem hydraulic press brake.pdf



Die is made from high carbon steel through processes of forging, heat treatment and milling.

The top die is composed of multiple short dies and it has advantages of high accuracy,

interchangeability and easy to assemble.


12M Street Light Pole Metal Tools Auto Hydraulic Bending Press Brake Machinery 1