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Plate Bending Machine 160T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Metal Bending Brake

Plate Bending Machine 160T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Metal Bending Brake

  • High Light

    mechanical press brake


    Steel Plate Bending Machine

  • Name
    CNC Sheet Folding Machine/ Used Press Brake Mchine
  • Upper Punching
    T7 Material Forging
  • Producing Capacity
    6mm Mildsteel And 3200mm Stainless Steel
  • Compensation
    Wedge Compensation And Hydraulic Cylinder Compensation
  • Voltage
    According To Customer's Requirement
  • Bending Agnle
    More Than 90 Degree
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE and ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    nude packing and pallet packing
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

Plate Bending Machine 160T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Metal Bending Brake

China Plate Bending Machine 160T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Metal Bending Brake


6 Feet CNC Press Brake Machine Description

the widest variety of hydraulic press brakes available today. From our ADR 5 axis

cnc hydraulic press brake series we offer 20 models and ranges from a small press brake

that start at 4 foot in length to large press brakes up to 20 foot in bending length and 7 different

tonnages ranging from 66 to 440 tons. Our premium more advanced ADS series is available

with up to 14 CNC axis, comes in 32 different models with metal bending lengths of 6 foot 8

inches up to 26 foot 5 inches. Our ADS series machines are top end precision and powerful

metal benders offered in 13 different tonnages with capacities of up to 3,300 tons! In addition

to these two popular press brake series, we also offer the PBF series for the customer that

needs a no frill press brake. On the other side of the coin is the sophisticated AD Servo brakes

that have a hybrid hydraulic configuration and ball screws for energy efficiency and

quiet operation. Lastly, JMT brings to market the FBS series which equates to the “flexible

bending solutions” press brakes. Our FBS series brakes are typically high tonnage press

brakes made to order to customer exact specifications with the option of running tandem

or even trio press brakes,and material automation and handling options of every description.


Technical Parameter of CNC press brake controller :

Type CNC electro-hydraulic synchro
Working force 1600KN
Length of table 3200 mm
distance between frames 2650 mm
Throat depth 320 mm
Open height 500 mm
Stroke 200mm
Speed Idle down 100mm/s
Working 10mm/s
return 90mm/s
support arm offer two support arms
Main motor 11kw
CNC system Type: DA- 52s Delem Co., Netherlands
Control Axis:Y1,Y2,X,R and V
(crowned compensation)
Tool With 1 punching and 1 bottom die
Main Electric Elements in cabinet Schneider or Siemens
Seal in the cylinders NOK, Japan
Gross weight 110000 kg
Overall sizes(mm) LxWxH 8200x42050x2915
Packing: Iron pallet With plastic cover
Delivery date 30 days after sing the contract



press brake tool Feature:

  • Using servo control technology on standard plate press brake machine
  • 10" high bright liquid crystal display screen with multi-nation language interface.
  • Die parameter setting, bending angle programming
  • About 100 programs are stored, and there are 25 operations in each program
  • The escaped material is programmable, the processing quantity is accountable,
  • there is memory to power off, and conversion between metric and inches system

Our Advantage of CNC Tandem Press Brake

The electric-hydraulic servo systemuse to the CNC press brake machine tool, together with

the world famous light curtain, ensures

the highest controlling precision, bending accuracy and repositioning accuracy are also

reach the high level.

The hydraulic compensation system helps to prevent the deformed slider from affecting

the quality of the workpiece. The compensation is adjusted automatically by the CNC

system which is convenient and accurate.

The multi-functional backgauge can be extended to 6 axes. The workpiece can be bent

at any angle.

After welding, the frame is processed by CNC pentahedron at one time to ensure the

rigidity and accuracy.

Integrated hydraulic controlling system decreases the pipe connection, oil leakage,

meanwhile, increases the stability and beautifies the machine.

The segmented punches of different length are adopted which can be combined into

a certain length according to the processing demand to meet the different requirement

of special workpiece.

Backgauge is driven by guideway, quick, convenient ad accurate.

The machine can be adopted with auto-clamp devices or quick clamp as an option

according to the customer's requirement to decrease the labors' work intension and

increase the work efficiency.

The most advanced Delem DA52/DA65W/DA66W controlling system, with colorful

TFT screen of high distinguish rate and Chinese/English menu, features with the

latest electric connectin.

After Sales Service For New Hydraulic Press Brake Machine
1. Our engineer is available to your factory and offer installation and training service. 
As well, you may send your engineers to our company to learn how to operate machines.
2. we will provide the spare parts free nd technical support when the machien have any
trouble during warranty.
3. we can send the engineer to customer for install and maintenance under custoner
Quality Guarantee of hydraulic press brake suppliers
Since press brake machine reached the agreed destination, its main parts will be

guaranteedwithin one year or 1000 hours (subject to the earlier mature term).

We take charge of all troubles caused by plate rolling machine's fault and repair

according to the regulation
stipulated by original plants. Factors not accordance with the regulation of original

plantssuch as daily consumed components, wrong operating, lack of maintenance

are not included in the quality guarantee.

Basic features for 160T3200mm hydraulic cnc press brake

• Strong rigid torsion bar design,ensuring the synchronous movement of ram stroke

• Built-in mechanical stop,ensuring an accurate positioning of ram stroke

• The special point of this type of press brake is angle programming

• DA52s CNC,with high performance-price ratio,reliable performance and easy operation

• DA52s CNC system will automatically calculate the ram stroke requied to bring the users.


Electron raster to check the posiitoning of the hydraulic cylinders


Plate Bending Machine 160T CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Metal Bending Brake 0

Option of CNC press brake machinery:

  • sectional tooling with different length may store forming a certian length to bend
  • the closed frame wokpiece.
  • Automatic crowned deflection compensation
  • automatic front feedning device and rear pushing device
  • two-hand control device
  • light curtain protection or laser protection
  • any tailor made are available on ewqueste

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160T CNC press brake machine picture
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