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CNC Press brake factory 130 Ton Mechanical Press Machine For Forming Metal Sheet

CNC Press brake factory 130 Ton Mechanical Press Machine For Forming Metal Sheet

  • High Light

    mechanical press brake


    Steel Plate Bending Machine

  • Name
    CNC Eelectro-hydraulic Press Brake/ Sheet Metal Press Brake Machine
  • Application
    Bending Stainless Steel And Mild Steel
  • Control Axis
    Control 4 Axis
  • Working Are
    3200mm Length
  • Bottom Die
    U Type Die
  • Daylight
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE and ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    nude packing and pallet packing
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

CNC Press brake factory 130 Ton Mechanical Press Machine For Forming Metal Sheet

CNC Press brake factory 130 Ton Mechanical Press Machine For Forming Metal Sheet
supply high quality CNC hydraulic press brake and hydraulic bedning machine
Steel Plate Press Brake Description
Best CNC Hydraulic Press Brake machine unit
Highest Performance To Price Press Brakes "HANDS DOWN"!
3 to 5 CNC Axes
4' to 20' Bending Lengths + Tandem
66 to 660 Tons
.0004 Bend Accuracy
Our popular precision performance to value-oriented CNC hydraulic press brakes have
exceptionally large strokes, daylights, and throat depths to allow cost effective production
of simple to complex shapes that require large dimensions for ease of handling and removal.
An easy to use cnc control reduces the required operator skill level. Precision accuracy
tolerances of .ooo4 and unmatched repeat-ability-you simply won't find a higher quality
press brake for the price!
CNC press bake machine Technical Data

No. Name Data Unit
1 Nominal pressure of CNC press brake 1300 KN
2 Length of worktable 3200 Mm
·3 Stroke of Ram 200 Mm
4 Max. Open Height 500 Mm
5 Throat Depth 320 Mm
6 Distance between Housing 3100 Mm
7 Axis controlled Y1,Y2, X and V  
8 Back gauge’s stroke 600 Mm
9 Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 4080x2050x2915 Mm


Downward speed 100 Mm/s

Working speed

10 Mm/s

Returning speed

90 Mm/s
11 Power of Motor 11 KW
12 Weight 12300 kg
13 Front support arms 2 piece

plate Sheet bending machine Characteristics
the Synchro Press Brake Machine use state-of- the-art hydraulics (Bosch-Rexroth or
Hoerbiger) and electronics (Telemecanique, Merlin Gerin Legrand, Siemens) to
ensure accurate control of the bending process. The Press Brake Frame is a robust
welded mono-block steel construction, stress relieved after welding and machined
without repositioning to guarantee machine precision, all-in-all, ensuring minimum
deflection during bending
operation. Pistons are steel forgings, precision ground and micropolished for long
production life. The Synchronised Press Brake is a downstroking twin cylinder
hydraulic press brake (Y1 – Y2 Axis) and includes the following:
Major Elements for CNC tandem press brake :
1. CE Conformity including AKAS Light guards
2. Beam Synchronization via linear scales and proportional valves
3. Delem Angle Programming Control or ESA system
4. Y1 + Y2 + X axis as standard, auto indexing of axis at start-up
5. Uropean (System) Top and Bottom Tool Clamping
6. Hardened Gooseneck Top Tool and 4-V-die Bottom Tool
7. Servo motor driven back gauge on ball screws (=X-axis)
8. Crowning Table / Top clamping with anti deflection wedges
8. Side and rear safety guards and safety interlock switches
Optional equipment for 100t CNC hydraulic press brake:
1. Control of additional axis like X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1 and Z2
2. Delem 65, 66, 69 and Cybelec 80, 1200, Modeva Series
3. Larger throat gap, higher daylight opening etc...
4. Quick manual or hydraulic Top Tool clamping
5. Additional back gauge universal finger blocks
6. Central motorised lubrication system
Enclosed Accessory for press brake machine:

  • Front arm support, 3 pieces
  • Anchor bolt, 4 pieces
  • Nut, some pieces
  • Washer, some pieces
  • Oil gun, 1 piece
  • Foot pedal 1 piece

Upper Punching And Bottom Die for hydraulic press brake:

  • Standard upper punching, it can section to 500mm length or customized.
  • The edge of the punching is HCR 45-50 after heat treatment 
  • use the fast clamping with crowned defection to hold the punching.
  • Multi Vee bottom die to bending different thickness sheet.
  • The bottom die is HB190-260 after heat treatment. 

Servo Press Brakes = Energy Savings= CNC hydraulic press brake machine
Electric Hydraulic Press Brakes
5 to 14+ Axis CNC • 110, 150, 195 Tonnages • 8' to 10' Bending Lengths
Our Servo Hydraulic Press Brakes are powerful efficient metal benders with up to 66% lower power consumption during stand by and 44% lower energy use during the bending cycle. Ram movement on our servo brakes is powered by AC Servo "electric" motors driving hydraulic oil "on demand" in line with variable speed pumps. Our servo press brake achieves a significantly lower cost per part by using our highly sophisticated advanced technology that synchronizes the powerful forces of electronics, electric power and hydraulics only when it's needed. You won't find a quieter, more energy efficient or more accurate press brake anywhere.
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