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Hydraulic sheet metal shear Drive H13 Balde NC Guillotine Shear For Thick Steel Cutting

Hydraulic sheet metal shear Drive H13 Balde NC Guillotine Shear For Thick Steel Cutting

  • High Light

    steel shearing machine


    hydraulic plate shearing machine

  • Model
  • Name
    Mechnical Shear Machine/hydraulic Shearing Machine
  • Balde Material
    H13 Or D2 Material
  • Length
    2000mm Long Sheet
  • Package
    Nude Packing Or Iron Pallet
  • Power Souce
    Hydraulic Drive
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    pallet with plastic cover
  • Delivery Time
    30 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T or L/C

Hydraulic sheet metal shear Drive H13 Balde NC Guillotine Shear For Thick Steel Cutting

Hydraulic sheet metal shear Drive H13 Balde NC Guillotine Shear For Thick Steel Cutting


sell hydraulic shearing mahine/guillotine shear/press brake machine/cutting machine


QC11K Series Hydraulic CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine

hydraulic shearing machine Features:
1.The machine body adopts integrally weld structure, and uses the vibration aging technology

to eliminate stress,which is typical of excellent rigidity and stability.
2.Advanced hydraulic integrated valve bloke is employed, which decreases the installation of

pipe lines in a compact structure, enhancing the reliability and maintainability of the machine.
3.The oil cylinders in series ensure that the shearing angle do not change during the shearing

4.The accumulator returns accurately and rapidly,and the blade clearance can be adjusted in

an accurate, rapid and convenient way by the hand wheel.
5.The sheering angle is adjustable,which decreases the distortion of sheet.And the electric

back-gauge and position display machine make it convenient and accurate.
6.The rolling material support ball decreases scratch of sheet and reduces frictional resistance.

World-Class Bearings
Individually designed adventure of Through Grinding machine also include the use of precisio

n spherical bearing that has self-adjustment,self-lubricating and maintenance-free characteristics,

and zero clearance installation in high chromium steel shaft.The design ensures Through

Grinding machine cut countless various properties of plate, from precision sheet to heavy

plate in 30 years.
Automatic swing-up back-gauge
Through Grinding also features an automatic swing-up back stop
Quality Shearing Knives
Only the highest quality shear knives are used to provide maximum longevity and to minimize resharpening.Depending on the shear capacity,either high carbon, high chrome,or high

carbon/shock resisting knives are used for shearing a wide range of metals such as aluminum,

A36 plate, stainless and titanium etc.


shear cutter machine Details:


1. welded frame and blade carrier

Strong steel welded frame and blade carrier are both temperaturetreated tp release the stree.

it improves the cutting precision of the shear.


Hydraulic sheet metal shear Drive H13 Balde NC Guillotine Shear For Thick Steel Cutting 0


2. control panel:


the control panel include alarm light, setting switch, counter, pupt strat, emergency switch and the touch screen.

it is easy to understand these using function.


Hydraulic sheet metal shear Drive H13 Balde NC Guillotine Shear For Thick Steel Cutting 1


3. blade gap automatic adjsuting :

the blade gap can be adjsuted by the system control, it only input the thickness of sheet on screen, the blade gap

will adjsut to the cutting gap.


Hydraulic sheet metal shear Drive H13 Balde NC Guillotine Shear For Thick Steel Cutting 2

5. electrical system:

the electrical system adopt low voltage to control and ue the famous brand electrical compents to improve the reliability


cnc guillotine shearing machine character :
The shearing stroke can be adjusted at will, which raise the working efficiency and realize

the function of partition cutting.
Shearing angle can be adjusted within a certain range, which can reduce the shearing deformation

and can cut super thick sheet metal.
The back gauge is equipped with manual lifting function, which is convenient to shear long

sheet metal.
Plug-in hydraulic system can slow down the rise of oil temperature, strengthen the reliability

and safety of machine operation. Inside the wallboard manual pump is installed, which makes

operating convenient and lubricating reliable.

Standard machine is equipped with MD-100 dedicated system and PLC controller, which makes

the adjustment of shearing counting, back gauge, shearing angle and blade gap simple and

DAC310 and DAC360 control system is optional, which can meet demands for higher precision

of cutting and control.

Our machine is simple, generally, you can understand how to operate easily, and welcome to

our factory to learn how to operate our machine, we will give good training. If necessary, our

engineer can go to your factory, and adjust machine, give good training

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: Standard exporting package or according to customers'require
inner machine, it is packaged in moistureproof film.
pallet or wood box.
ground fixed bolt to confirm steady and avoid destory.
tightly exporting standard belf to fasten machine in container.
Major Elements:
1. CE Conformity including  Light guards
2.  Back gaueg control by the inverter and encode
3.  cutting depth and blade gap can Program on Control DTC-660
4.  control back gauge X and balde gap Z
5.  upper blade ahve two edges and bottom lade ahve four edges for change using
6.  the HRC of balde is 50-55
7. motorized driven back gauge on ball screws
8.  side front arms with scale and stooper
8. Side and rear safety guards and safety interlock switches
hydraulic plate shear Technical Data:


NC hydraulic swing

beam shear








Cutting number










QC12K-4X2000 4X2000 1°30 ≥18 20-600 7.5 4000
QC12K-4X2500 4X2500 1°30 ≥18 20-600 7.5 5200
QC12K-6X2500 6X2500 1°30 ≥18 20-600 7.5 5200
QC12K-6X3200 6X3200 1°30 ≥14 20-600 7.5 6260
QC12K-6X4000 6X4000 1°30 ≥10 20-600 11 8700
QC12K-6X6000 6X6000 1°30 ≥7 20-800 15 23000
QC12K-8X2500 8X2500 1°30 ≥14 20-600 11 5300
QC12K-8X3200 8X3200 1°30 ≥10 20-600 11 6300
QC12K-8X4000 8X4000 1°30 ≥8 20-600 11 9650
QC12K-8X5000 8X5000 1°30 ≥7 20-750 15 21000
QC12K-10X2500 10X2500 ≥10 20-600 15 9150
QC12K-10X3200 10X3200 1°48 ≥8 20-600 15 9150
QC12K-10X4000 10X4000 ≥10 20-800 18.5 14500
QC12K-12X2500 12X2500 ≥10 20-600 15 7380
QC12K-12X3200 12X3200 1°30 ≥8 20-800 18.5 12500
QC12K-12X4000 12X4000 ≥7 20-800 18.5 18000
QC12K-16X2500 16X2500 ≥8 20-800 18.5 12200
QC12K-16X3200 16X3200 ≥7 20-800 18.5 16300
QC12K-16X4000 16X4000 ≥7 25-800 30 20000
QC12K-20X2500 20x2500 2°30 ≥6 20-800 37 14000
QC12K-20X3200 20x3200 2°30 ≥5 25-800 37 20000
QC12K-20X4000 20x4000 2°30 ≥5 30-1000 37 25000































Enclosed Accessory:

  • Front arm support, 4pieces
  • Anchor bolt, 4 pieces
  • Nut, some pieces
  • Washer, some pieces
  • Oil gun, 1 piece
  • Foot pedal 1 piece

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