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Delem System Steel CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 120T Amada Toolings 380V / 50HZ

Delem System Steel CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 120T Amada Toolings 380V / 50HZ

  • High Light

    mechanical press brake


    Steel Plate Bending Machine

  • Feature
    Nice Surface And Low Cost
  • Name
    Servo Pump Press Brake Machine/ CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
  • Drive
    Dobule Direction Servo Motor
  • Color
    Balc And Yello
  • Voltage
    380V/50HZ Input
  • Punching
    Amada Type Punching In Section
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE and ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Packaging Details
    nude packing and pallet packing
  • Delivery Time
    30 days

Delem System Steel CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 120T Amada Toolings 380V / 50HZ

Manufacture Price Delem System Steel CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 120T Amada Toolings


new type CNC hydraulic press brake machine, hydraulic bending machine,400Ton hydraulic press brake.


Servo Press Brake Machine performace

The CNC servo press brake machine is designed according to JB/T2257.2-92(China National

standard) “platebending machine technical conditions" and GB/T14349-93 "plate bending machine precision",all the parts of this machine are using computer graphics, computer element analysis,

computer aided manufacturing, PLSON use CAD, CAE, CAM software for machine structure design,

and fully guaranteed the structural strength enough and rigid of each machine component.
The whole steel frame welded structure, made the CNC press brake thick, high rigidity, strong shock



Technical Data of CNC hydraulic press brake :



Press Brake


Nominal pressure



of table


Distance between housings






of ram













WE67K-63/2500 630 2500 2050 250 100 ≥10 350 7.5
WE67K-80/2500 800 2500 2650 320 200 ≥8 460 7.5
WE67K-100/3200 1000 3200 2650 320 200 ≥8 475 7.5
WE67K-100/4000 1000 4000 3100 320 200 ≥8 475 7.5
WE67K-125/3200 1250 3200 2650 320 200 ≥8 490 7.5
WE67K-125/4000 1250 4000 3100 430 200 ≥8 490 7.5
WE67K-160/3200 1600 3200 2650 320 200 ≥6 540 11
WE67K-160/4000 1600 4000 3100 320 200 ≥6 540 11
WE67K-200/3200 2000 3200 2650 400 200 ≥3 560 15
WE67K-250/3200 2500 3200 2650 400 250 ≥3 560 15
WE67K-250/4000 2500 4000 3100 400 250 ≥3 560 15
WE67K-300/4000 3000 4000 3100 400 250 ≥3 560 22
WE67K-300/6000 3000 6000 4800 400 250 ≥3 560 22
WE67K-400/4000 4000 4000 3100 500 320 ≥2.5 700 30
WE67K-400/6000 4000 6000 4800 500 320 ≥2.5 700 30
WE67K-500/6000 5000 6000 4800 500 300 ≥2.5 700 37
WE67K-500/7000 5000 7000 5600 800 320 ≥2.5 700 37


Mechnical bending machine Main Features

1.The motor and electronic system elements of the hydraulic plate press brake machine are all

composed from Siemens or Schneider
2.Dies can be designed under clients’ requirement. The machine will be equipped standard molds

the drawing will be sent. And the non-standard molds can be designed if the clients can provide the

dies drawing or the workingpieces, we will design. The upper mold can be done in section.
3.We use Germany Schneider Stroke Button with high good durable stability, the stroke will be worked stable or be suspending without any sudden down movement which is serious dangerous.
4.Oil pump can be used from China chengjie enterprise who is used in China’s Aircraft industry.

Or we can use Germany ECKERLER enterprises.
5.The seal will be from USA Parker or Japan Valqua Company.
6.The hydraulic press brake system and valve will be from USA OMG or Germany BOSCH Company.
7.The security protection equipment: The design always care about the worker security when

operation both working and checking stationary. We equipped both side magnetic door to avoid any penetration inside. At the back, we will provide 3 Section close door with the middle door moveable

and the power will be off when the door open, power on when the door close. The light curtain is

useful components to aware any finger in dangerous position.


- Automatic calculation of angle, force and back gauge axis.
- User-friendly control
- High performances

- control system (DELEM system)
- Configuration to the customer

- Structural compensation system
- Servo-motorized axis
- Proporcional hydraulics

- Machines with directive CE 2006/95 CE
- Lazer safety device

our machine has a strict policy for the choice of its components, on the basis of an extensive

experience acquired over decades. All components are certified in accordance with European

standards and their main sources are Germany, USA, Holland, Italy and Switzerland. All structural

parts are calculated by the finite element method and only high quality steel S275 and

S355 JR namely J2 (+ N) is used.


Safty worke on mechnical press brake

our plate press brake machines comply with the strictest EU regulations with referenceto safety.

The devices

installed guarantee thorough safety of the operatorwithout reducing the pace of work.

• The most advanced laser systems
• Safety PLCs able to manage and monitor the action of the proportional valves
• Visible dual beam linked to the upper tool: should it be is interrupted, it blocks the movement of

 the press brake
• Easy adjustment by means of a grading scale
• Constant monitoring of parameters related to safe



hydraulic system for CNC hydraulic press brake machine:
Name: Hydraulic system
Brand: Bosch– Rexroth
Original: Germany
our price introducing the hybrid system at the same price as theconventional system, leading to


a series of advantages for the customer:a huge energy saving (55% if compared to a traditional

machine) and amassive reduction of the oil quantity needed, thanks to the double tank.


Delem System Steel CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 120T Amada Toolings 380V / 50HZ 0


Machine frame
Name: machine frame
Original: CHINA
our machines are designed from the ground up by our expert engineers with only one goal: to build

the best machines imaginable. By combining our unique machine designs with the highest quality

materials available, we have achieved our objective and invented some of the most reliable and

durable machines in the world!


Delem System Steel CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 120T Amada Toolings 380V / 50HZ 1


Press brake tooling Optional:


1.sectional tooling with different length may store forming a certian length to bend the closed frame wokpiece.

2.Automatic crowned deflection compensation

3.front pneumatic sheet support

4.two-hand control device

5.light curtain protection or laser protection

6.any tailor made are available on ewqueste.



download brochure here

CNC hydraulic press brake machine.pdf


4000m press brake Machine picture:


Delem System Steel CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 120T Amada Toolings 380V / 50HZ 2