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CNC controlling system of sheet press brake training

May 27, 2020

Today, Nanjing ESTUN technical team came to WUXI JINQIU Machinery Co., Ltd. to conduct on-site training for our sales staff. Introduce the latest CNC system of the press brake machine in detail, and show us the characteristics, advantages and optional items of the product in the form of PPT, so that we can fully understand and familiarize, so that we can introduce and recommend related CNC system products to meet customer needs. Of course, we must learn how to apply it to our own ability, apply the accumulated knowledge and experience to the sales work, so that customers have confidence in our CNC sheet press brake machine, CNC hydraulic shearing machine and CNC sheet V grooving machine products, Folded product technology is interested, so that customers feel our professional sales. We must also be fully familiar with and master the structure and process of 300T CNC bending machine and 12mm CNC shearing machine. Give play to the advantages of our products in negotiations with customers, objectively evaluate the products of peers, and make customers feel that our advantages are greater to win customers' contracts. Today, the training and knowledge that the company provides to us is wealth that is difficult to measure with money. Maybe it can't exert its effect for a while, but as long as we are good at accumulation, he will make good use of it at a key point one day, and it will inevitably explode. Energy, shining in life.

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