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CNC sheet press brake machine operation attention

Good quality CNC Hydraulic Press Brake for sales
Good quality CNC Hydraulic Press Brake for sales
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CNC sheet press brake machine operation attention

CNC sheet press brake machine operation attention

when you are operating the CNC metal sheet press brake machine, it is necessary to add calcium-based lubricating grease to each lubrication point. N46# anti-wear hydraulic oil is added to the fuel tank of the hydraulic system. After the first work for 500 hours, the oil must be changed. After every 2,000 hours of operation, the oil is aged and contaminated. The specific circumstances of the degree determine whether to change the oil.
When the first test is started, the oil pump motor unit is started to run empty, and then the “jog” is used to test the movement of the machine. Then the “single” action and the slider stroke and the performance of the back gauge control are tested. When the machine is running normally, To follow these steps:

1.Calculate the bending force according to the folded sheet or consult the bending force table, adjust the bending pressure and select the opening size of the V-groove of the lower mold (the die size should generally be ≥ 8 times the thickness of the plate)

2.Align the center of the upper punching and lower dies.

3. adjust the gap between the upper and lower dies

4.confirm the position of the back gauge of the press brake machine.

5.set the working mode "jog"or "single"  by the switch select

6.Place the workpiece in the middle of the machine table to test pressure

7.Adjust the gap between the pucnhign and bottom die again

8.Sheet bending should be in the middle of the machine. It should not be biased or unilateral load, so as not to affect the accuracy of the workpiece and the machine. If some workpieces need to work on one side, the load should be less than 500KN, but the two sides can be folded at the same time. Solve the problem of unilateral eccentricity

9.When the length of the folding plate is less than 1000mm, it is not allowed to work as a full-load folding plate (the folding plate load does not exceed 50KN per 100mm)






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