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hydraulic shearing machine maintenance

August 29, 2018

Sharpening and exchange of the blade:

The blade must be sharpened in time. If the blade isn’t sharpened for a long time, it seems to save your more time. But in fact, it will make a big wast. The granular outer structure of the blade with blunt edge will be destroyed due to blade is beared excessive pressure while cutting. It not only dameges the machine, but also cannot obtain the good cutting quality. After the blade is sharpened, the damgered granular outer structure will be removed. So, you should make out a complete timetable for sharpening the blade.

according your actual production situation. It is better to prepare 1 set of the sharpened blade as spare parts.

We recommend the timetable for sharpening blade as follows:

To change the cutting edge of the blade after cutting 80-100 hours.

To grind the thickness of the blade for sharpening the cutting edge after cutting 320-400 hours.

The above timetable is only suitable to the machine used in normal condition. If you can grind the thickness of the blade for sharpening the cutting edge according to the above timetable, the grinding amount will be the smallest and the use-life will be the longest.

The level of the oil in the tank

1.To periodically check the level of the oil in the tank. If the level of the oil is lower the middle of the level gauge mounted on the tank, you should add the oil into the tank immediately.

2.The oil in the tank must be replaced after first working 500 hours. Then it is replaced once each working 2000 hours.

3.The oil to be used must be confirmity with the requestment.


The gauze filter mounted on the suck port of the punp should be cleaned periodically to keep the requested oil flow through it. If the gauze filter is blocked, the oil flow is decreased and the pump will suck the air to affect the pump’s use-life. So, the gauze filter should be cleaned by gasoline, C2HCl3 (Trichloroethylene) and other solvent. First cleaning is taken after first working 8 days. Then cleaning is taken once every month.


The air-strainer is mounted on the cover of the oil tank.

The first cleaning is taken after filling oil into the tank by it or after first working 60 days. Then cleaning is taken once every working 120 days. The air-strainer should be cleaned by gasoline, C2HCl3 (Trichloroethylene) and other solvent

Check regularly all the parts of the machine and keep cleaning of machine and working area and good insulation of wires.

2. Oxygen,compressed air and flammable air should not be filled into reversing cylinder.Nitrogen should be fill in slowly,the procedures as followed:take off the valve cap of reversing cylinder to connect the aeration device ,the other end of aeration device connected to nitrogen tank,.Then open aeration device and open cut-off valve of nitrogen tank slowly,meanwhile notice the air pressure value of filling pressure gauge and close the aeration device and cut-off valve untill the value reach 6Mpa.Finally,install the valve cap.

3.If there is any abnormal action or noise ,the machine should be stopped for checking.