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W12 Double Pinch 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine Sheet Bending Tools

W12 Double Pinch 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine Sheet Bending Tools

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    plate roll bending machine


    pipe bending rolling machine

  • Structure
    Steel Welding Frame Structure
  • Name
    4 Roller Roling Machine
  • Roller Material
    42 CrMo Forging
  • Type
    Hydraulic Bending Tool
  • Extra Service
  • Power
    Hydraulic Drive
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
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    nude packing
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    35 days

W12 Double Pinch 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine Sheet Bending Tools

W12 Double Pinch 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine Sheet Bending Tools





The sheet rolling machine has pre-bending function for plate edge, and can bend roll

the plate one time without any thing re-rolling with combined procedure or prebending

and bending roll into shape. The upper roller is the main drive roll, the down roller and

two side rollsup-and-down movement is controlled by hydraulic drive. The up-and-down

displacementof the down and side rollers are controlled by computer. Automatic leveling,

display by screen, high synchronization precision ±0.2MM.Turnover bearing body

dumping and reset is done through hydraulic transmission. The upper roll end has

balance equipment to be convenient take of the rolled cylinder and working pieces.

There are moveable independent operation table for easy moveable operation. The

machine has been equipped with security linked equipment. It is ideal bending roll

machinefor all kinds of metal working industry like energy, transportation ,petroleum,

chemical, shipping-building, boiler with high technology, full function, high precision and

easy in operation character.

The machine is equipped by four working rollers, left-right machine shaft, basement,

cone rolling equipment, dumping parts, transmission part and relate sensor section,

hydraulic system and electrical system




The rolling machine is computer-controlled four roller bending rolls machine with the

pre-bending function. After the plate loaded, no need to change into another side edge

for the prebending and rolling.

The machine four rollers has been produced by forge, hardening and tempering treatment.

HB220-260 with good mechanical properties, high rigidity, high in anti-abrasion, good for

high-load working and long working lifetime.

Our working roller side gear use ball gear, small in friction and reduce the active power lose

and save the energe.

The bottom roller and side rollers movement are controlled by computer. Automatic-leveling,

digital display screen, the synchronization accuracy ±0.2MM, high in rolling precision and

easy in operation.

The machine down roller, side roller can do one-side inclining, and can make synchronization

movement in inclined position for a better cone rolling working.

The machine has moveable operation table for a convenient worker operation and the touch

screen has the position for the three rollers, easy for you understand the position.

The machine control system adopt Japan OMRON company intelligent PLC programmable

control with fault diagnosis and operation fault intelligent judgment, the all parts inspection

for the machine, logic treatment , power-off memory.

High-voltage parts use SUZHOU electronic, long working lifetime and less fault.

The hydraulic valve in the hydraulic system use Taiwan brand, the valve is casting runner ,

large oil flow ,small resistance, less heat and reliable.

The pipes in all hydraulic system use fast joint, new-technology used in metallurgical mines,

in the connectors, there are reliable seal to ensure no leak out in the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic system has absorption and return oil filter to ensure the clean of the hydraulic

system. And also air filter to guarantee the hydro-cylinder normal absorption and water

evaporation, and in the system there are double-way security protection equipment to ensure

the system safe.

The dumping gear will force on the dumping hydro-cylinder, the head can incline and stand-up,

convenient for take-off the working pieces.

The end of the working roller has balance equipment which will be responsible for the working

roller balance when the dumping gear is working.




1 Material Yield Limit <245MPa
2 Max. bending thickness 30mm
3 Max. pre-bending thickness 25mm
4 Max. bending width 2000mm
5 Min. reel diameter with Max. size 1200mm
6 Max. Working roller length 2100mm
7 Top roller diameter 380mm
8 Bottom roller diameter



9 Side roller diameter



10 Upper roller adding capacity 230tons
11 Bottom roller adding capacity 80tons
12 Side roller adding capacity 80tons
13 Side rolling lift speed 80mm/min
14 Rolling speed 4m/min
15 Driving mode Hydraulic
16 Lifting mode of bottom roller Hydro motor
17 Control mode NC
18 Display of position and displacement LCD


































The 4 roll plate bending machine is the easiest one, thanks to a frame designed to satisfy every

kind of needs. Advantages are various :

1. Pre-bending is highly reduced because the material gets pinched by in between the two central rolls.

2. Working can be made in one only pass, following the steps here below:

  • Squaring
  • Pre-bending
  • Bending
  • Closing pre-bending

W12 Double Pinch 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine Sheet Bending Tools 0

3. The plate is fed into the machine horizontally thanks to the support of the lower roll (B) with the

side roll (D).

4. The plate is squared thanks to the position that the side roll (C) takes.

5. The space to the limit of the machine reduces to one side only, thanks to the possibility of squaring

and bending in one only step.

We advise a 4 roll plate bending machine :

6. For a high and massive production

7. For the possibility to control by NC

8. For the possibility to make conical bendings


Control System Function:


To control the working roller synchronization movement automatially

Control the bottom roller vertical movement synchronization, the synchronization

precision is ±0.2MM.

Control two side rollers synchronization movement,the synchronization precision is ±0.2MM.

display real-time date and all rolling information and plate-rolling information.

The bottom roller’s two side has real time date.

The two sides of side rollers has real time date.

control system has warning messenger to timely know what happened for convenient operation

and maintenance.


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