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CNC Sheet Metal Punching Machine High Efficiency With Feeding Platform

CNC Sheet Metal Punching Machine High Efficiency With Feeding Platform

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    metal sheet punching machine


    hydraulic punching machine

  • Name
    Hydraulic Turret Punching Machine
  • Type
    Turret Punching Machine
  • Punch Shape
    Closed Punch
  • Character
    High Automation, High Productiion Efficiency
  • Staintion Number
    32 Station
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    1 set
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    iron pallet
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    L/C, T/T
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    Min. 1 set

CNC Sheet Metal Punching Machine High Efficiency With Feeding Platform

CNC Sheet Metal Punching Machine High Efficiency With Feeding Platform
Mainly used for sheet metal signle or multiple punch processing, typically used in a variety
of screens, solar, hardware blanking, ceilings, caps, recommended filtering equipment and
simple box and so on, be widely used in multiple industry.
1, This equipment continues to use the orignal punch as a stamping body and the existing
mold or with a manual six-station, together with the CNC feeder to form a set simple
numerical control equipment. It is economical and practical. The lowest investment cost,
maximum to acheive the CNC automation of sheet metal processing and improve product
quality and  efficiency. At the same time, it can reduce production costs and reduce the
bumber of workers and labor intensity level.
2, CNC punch press dedicated system and simple to handle. It can be free upgraded for life.
3, Automatic conversion of Autocad drawings and with a mould library selection. The
procedures are repeated positioning, one-button operation and set the plate loading and
unloading points,
point process, automatic diagnostics, automatic optimzation of processing path, point red,
with red hybrid operation functions.
4, Optional six-station manual conversion turret tooling or a variety of multi-pin mold,
progressivedie to aacheive a variety of workpieces. The using is convenient.
Automatic stamping machine cnc hole punching machine
CNC punching machine is mechatronics automation equipment, it's widely used in the
chassis cabinets processing, air conditioners, refrigerators, instruments and meters,
electric control cabinet panels, battery plate, building decorative materials, auto parts,
lamps, kitchen equipment,and other sheet metal processing industries. Our machines
own mature technology,
high precision, easy operator, high production efficiency and other advantages. Main
pneumatic components,
electric components, hydraulic components and transmission components adopt
international well-known brand product.
1. Performance Features as follows:
1) Imported servo motor; imported precision dual linear guide, ensure high precision, long
service life; the import coupling, ensure durable, correction coefficient is high; import high
guide precision range and high precision steel ball screw, ensure the machining precision
and high speed.
2) Can be automatically converted to AutoCAD image processing code, no need manual
programming, can also use the G code direct processing; CAD drawing is provided with
mold base selection, and in the CAD file preview pattern, simple, functional.
3) Wide guide spacing design, improve the operation stability of machine tools, machining
accuracy of large plate. The whole welding, tempering, eliminate stress, to ensure the
long-term stability of the platform to strengthen the machine; special design, high strength
support, compact structure, stable running.
4) Equipped with centralized lubrication pump, the lubrication oil directly into each lubricating
point, reduce the friction of the movement of the deputy, improve service life.
Equipment specification:

Punch ForceKNAccording to the pressure plate processing need
Max.Processing Sizemm1000
Max. sheet Thicknessmm66666
Max. Loading weightKg5090105125145
Punch HitHPM60-30060-30060-30060-30060-300
Machine WeightT467.58.59.5
Max.Traversing Speedm/min4040404040
Hole Accuracymm±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1
Voltage RtaingVCustomization according to different countries
Power RatingKW678.58.59

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